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My so-called diary is something I can write after I think of it. It can be left blank for a month or two, or even written every day.
Look at the original diary, and some are terrible. I don't know how I could think that way, but if I look at some of them and confirm that I am very strong, so many things have come together. It's not easy. This step is coming.
However, since we have already gone through those, we should be more strong in our future diaries. I am much more vulnerable than I used to. I used to have little scrubs and have little scruples. I always want to be nice and comfort myself, because there are people around me to take care of myself. In the past, I was so strong that I didn't want to worry about my family members. Everything in turn comforted my family members. Haha. Is it so great? I really don't know.
I wrote a blog in, but it seems that there are not many. The zero stars record your own life. Happy and unhappy. School, emotional. Of course, there are also a lot of things that are not written, not that you don't want to write them, but that you don't want to write them back for a while. After all, I am not going to school now. Haha. After a sleep, you will remember other things.
My first time, every time in the future, I don't remember a lot of details without a diary. I just opened it and looked at it. There was a sweet and unpleasant pain. But those are good. I am not a careful person. I can also say that I am not an informal person. Most of the things are just the ones I forget. It's just a short time to get angry. This is also an advantage of your own.

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