So promote Firefox: The average 1000IP can earn 450 yuan.

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Today to enter a website, he recruited a website update staff, pay well, the following is his website copy down.

You're not interested? I know, you must be tempted, such a good thing, I think a lot of people want to do, even I have to do the impulse. Well, then submit the form. The following page appears.
Note that the confirmation character above you can not see clearly, in this case, your cover letter will not be sent out. Can not send out, then you such a good job is not done, why do not see the number, click "See not clear figures?" "The following page appears.
Is this passage:

Individual user may because the computer IE cache problem does not show, please use the latest version of Firefox browser to open;
The installation steps are as follows:
1, open http://www.******.com/9firefox.html
2, click "Download with Google Toolbar Firefox", download the installation files to the computer;
3, double click to open the file, to install;
4, after the installation completes, launches the Firefox browser, can see the confirmation character.
Any questions please consult personnel: Online qq*****

What to do? Comrade, the original is your browser has a problem, how to do? Install a browser according to his requirements and run it. Because there is such a good job waiting for you to do. into the http://www.******.com/9firefox.html
And then you find such a page
Click "Download Firefox with Google Toolbar" then you can go down, you can run to see the recruitment information, but unfortunately to tell you, recruitment information is not, some of you installed with Google toolbar Firefox. He has already got 0.1 dollars.

Analysis of the next. To do this firefox, is absolutely safe. Because he wants you to install the address is a text address http://www.******.com/9firefox.html, even GG do not know, because GG test results are you directly enter the address to earn this money. Without knowing your antecedents, he does not know that you are cheating.
Come up with this doctrine of the people is undoubtedly a talent, admire AH. In this way the Firefox is very high, conservative estimate, if 1000 people visit this page, I estimate that there are at least 600 will install Firefox how much do you calculate? 0. 1*600=60 dollars. The renminbi is 450 yuan. What if the page's access is even higher? I dare not think about it any more.
This article for the website bar Webmaster Marginal Person Original, reprinted the source and author of the explanation.

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