So that customers who do not understand the code can also help you maintain the database (batch processing and execution of SQL)

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You and the customer are separated from each other (and you cannot access the server of the other party)

Sometimes you need to modify a stored procedure on the client side or ask the client server to execute some SQL statements.

But the problem is that the customers do not understandCode.


In this case, you only need to send a compressed package to the customer.

Decompress the package and double-click P to process it.


Simple principle:

You can write the SQL statement to be executed into the SQL file and then write a batch.

ISQL-s webcang-U sa-P password-I zhuisuo. SQL-O updatelog.txt

-S is followed by the server IP address to be executed
-D is followed by the name of the database to be executed
-U is followed by the username used to log on to the database.
-P is followed by the password used to log on to the database.
-I is followed by the text of the SQL statement to be executed. The text suffix must be. SQL
-O is followed by the text to be output
The suffix of batch processing is. bat. Batch ProcessingProgramAnd SQL text must be placed in the same directory

Updatelog.txt is the output file generated after you double-click the batch processing.

(For example, 1> 2> 1> 2> 3> 4> 5> 6> 7> 8> 9> 10> 11> 12> (1 row affected) is displayed in updatelog.txt after successful execution)
(1 row affected)

If you want to execute multiple SQL texts at the same time, you only need to copy several iSQL commands in batch processing.


Note: batch processing must be performed on the server or on a machine with an SQL client installed.

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