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In the previous 《ProgramI remember the beginning of a Java article written by people in Banqiao,ArticleSOA is not web services.

William zentmayer wrote a blog titled doing SOA without Web Services? I'm skeptical. ", that is, although many people think that SOA does not mean Web Services, the SOA that leaves Web Services has almost no" value. The post of this article argues that SOA is a more extensive concept than Web services. In the past (or even before Web Services) in the developed system, we can see the existence of SOA. In the subsequent article titled doing SOA without Web Services? In Part II, although he defended his previous point of view (the reason is that if SOA must meet the communication requirements between heterogeneous systems, it is necessary to use an industry-recognized standard protocol for communication, namely soap and web services), but still accept the idea that SOA is more inclined to be a messaging system.

There is a great article on msdn, messaging patterns in service-oriented architecture, part 1, which describes various messaging patterns in SOA. For example, if the messaging system is naturally understood as a system that transmits messages, how can we use messaging patterns to call a remote system? The answer is "Command Message Type pattern ".

In addition, for the above question, the "simplify Distributed System Design Using the Command pattern, MSMQ, And. Net" article on msdn magzine in February is also a highly recommended article.

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