SOA Series 4: Object-oriented

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Associated tables of service-oriented principles and object-oriented principles 

Service-oriented principles

Related object-oriented principles

Service reusability

Most object-oriented systems tend to create reusable classes. The object-oriented modularization principle uses standardized combination as an Application Design Method

Related Principles, similar to abstraction and encapsulation, further support for reusing the interface and implementing logical separation. Service reusability is therefore a continuation of this goal.

Service Contract

The service contract requirement is very similar to the interface used for building an application. Similar to the definition of WSDL, an interface provides an abstract class description method. In addition, it is very similar to encouraging the "WSDL precedence" method in SOA. "interface precedence" is also a method to be considered in the object-oriented best practices.

Service loose coupling

Although a class is coupled with a consumer to some extent during interface creation, coupling is a major difference between service-oriented and object-oriented.

Service Abstraction

The object-oriented abstraction principle requires a class to provide an interface to the external world and access it through this interface. Encapsulation relies on the establishment of the concept of information hiding to support this principle, any logic in the class without interface exposure, the external world is not accessible.

Service Availability

Object-Oriented systems support the concept of union, similar to aggregation and combination. In a loosely coupled context, service-oriented support is also required.

For example, object layers can be combined in the same way, and service layers can be assembled and combined through services.

Service autonomy

The quality of autonomy is more important in service orientation than in object orientation. The independence level between processing logics may be achieved through service-oriented, and the loose coupling relationship between services can be used;

Cross-object references and internal dependency in Object-Oriented Design Support lower object-level autonomy.

Service stateless

The combination of object inclusion classes and data is naturally stateful, promoting stateless in the service. Therefore, it tends to deviate from the object-oriented design.

Although stateful services and stateless objects may be created, the stateless principle is generally emphasized in service-oriented.

Service Discovery

Coordination between design interfaces and self-descriptions is another best object-oriented practice to improve the identification methods and differentiated processing logic units. These qualities also support the dependency on allowing Class replay for easier discovery.

Discoverable is another practice emphasized by the service-oriented example. It encourages the service contract to communicate as much as possible to support discoverability at design time and runtime.

Specifically, service-oriented is rooted in object-oriented, and typical service-oriented solutions include service-oriented
Principle. As a balance of design, each principle system can be properly positioned and utilized to complement each other.
And support.

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