SOA Series II: common mistakes in adopting SOA

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1. Build a service-oriented architecture similar to the traditional distributed architecture
Perhaps the first major obstacle organizations face when implementing SOA is building a traditional distributed architecture on the pretext of building a contemporary SOA;

Ii. non-standardized SOA
Sometimes you may need to plan different IT projects in a large organization at the same time, So customization standards are extremely important. If different development projects lead to different design application designs, the future integration costs are high and fragile. This is a lesson learned by many IT departments from the validation of legacy systems.

3. No migration plan was set up
Without a comprehensive migration plan, the Migration success rate will be significantly reduced. Because locating the scope of service endpoints within an enterprise will lead to redefinition of the IT environment infrastructure, so you need to pay attention to the rebound caused by poor migration implementation. The migration plan allows you to first go through an adjustment phase within the service-oriented and SOA features so that the migration can be planned at the technical, architectural, and organizational level.

4. Not starting with XML infrastructure
In the field of contemporary SOA, everything begins with Web Services. This sentence has become the motto of some organizations, but it is not completely correct. In fact, in the modern SOA field, everything starts with XML. It has evolved from many complementary standards to actual data representation architecture standards. This core standard set has introduced many web service specifications and promoted the development of SOA.

5. Do not understand SOA Performance Requirements
Starting from a small scale, it is easy to build a service-oriented solution with both functions and responses as expected. With the expansion of the scope and function, the message-based traffic will also grow as scheduled, and the lack of preparation in the environment will lead to major processing defects.
Performance is also one of the reasons why coarse-grained service interfaces and asynchronous messages are emphasized when a Web Service is built. These other design measures can be used to avoid potential handling bottlenecks.

6. Do not understand Web Service Security
Although SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) can handle many real-time security points, it is not a technology suitable for SOA. When a service starts to process a large amount of data, it requires message-level security. WS-Security framework establishes a recognized security model, which is supported by a series of specifications, so as to penetrate into many layers of service-oriented applications and enterprise architecture.

7. Do not keep in touch with the product platform and standard development
The transformation of SOA is to create an arena for products and platforms, so that IT departments can freely choose to build and/or customize the development of application logic. When the trend develops to the best condition, there are also many other options, which can fully coordinate solutions based on different technologies.

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