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DatingCommunitySeo _ How To Make Seo well in the face of changes in search technology

Recently, search cited companies have made many changes. In China, there are several things worth mentioning:

Soso began to use its own search engine technology, Baidu's box computing platform.

This is the current situation of Internet data.

The number of search requests for hormone inflation;

The method to meet users' search needs is complicated;

Users' search behaviors are becoming more and more foolish. Users have higher requirements on information-related attributes, such as timeliness, regional, and non-expressive association requirements.

It is increasingly difficult to obtain valuable resources on the Internet.

Why does the domestic search market take Baidu as the leading position? Is it just to adapt to the "cloud computing" trend?

The emergence of new network products and technologies is nothing more than to better meet user needs. User requirements will not remain unchanged.

When a user's requirements for a product are never stopped from being recognized to being dependent

The imaginary "omnipotent", especially the development of Internet applications, allows users to search for massive amounts of information accurately and quickly become the core needs of users.

Baidu's current open search platform allows users to directly submit search data to Baidu. It can also contain user-defined keys, which is still different from site map.

It also provides options for the user's search presentation form.

The rapid growth of Baidu is inseparable from the merits of its own search community, so that Baidu is closer to users' real search needs. More user-friendly semantic search.

The box not only brings technical changes, but also aims to cater to users' more real needs. Requirements for precise search and life search.

The box is not only designed to meet the search requirements of the above users, but also to classify Internet information analysis, link similar information, and provide users with more accurate and multi-faceted information.

So what should we do for websites? How can I optimize my website? In fact, you should learn from search companies and write keywords that are more conducive to user search.

It allows search engines to understand the meaning of analysis. The information architecture of websites also becomes a problem. How to make the information on different pages more relevant and give users more valuable information.

How can we prevent website data from becoming an isolated island? How can we make information more time-specific? These are all issues that need to be considered.


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