Socket programming 2: two link types: UPD and UPD

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In the previous article, I talked about some basic knowledge about computer networks and introduced socket. From this section, I started to get started.

1 Probability

TCP:Transimission Control Protocol Transmission Control Protocol.

UPD: User datav protocol user data packet protocol.

Both belong to the transport layer protocol, the fourth layer in the OSI model described in the previous article.


  1. TCP is connection-oriented, and UDP is non-connection-oriented)
  2. Slow TCP transmission speed and fast UDP transmission speed)
  3. TCP has a packet loss retransmission mechanism, but UDP does not; (Retransmission)
  4. TCP ensures data correctness and UDP may cause packet loss (correctness)
  5. TCP is suitable for transmitting a large amount of data, and UPD is suitable for transmitting a small amount of data. (Data volume)
2. TCP link Process

3. UDP Link

* Both images are from the network.

Socket programming

Socket is an API for TCP/IP networks. programmers use socket interfaces to exchange data.

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