Soft power of O & M experts

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Soft power of O & M experts
If you are a professional with O & M experience, when you go to an interview, the interviewer will naturally ask what project you have done, let you describe in detail a fault that has been handled in your work? This seems simple, but many candidates have poor answers and fail to show their abilities and levels in the response. The reason is nothing more than two points: 1. Being nervous, you cannot express yourself or elaborate on the project. 2. I do not pay attention to summing up and thinking in my daily work, So that I cannot grasp the key points and show my technical skills and skills. O & M work is complicated. You feel busy every day. After a year and a half, you may think about it and feel that you have nothing to say. It is a pity to miss a good job opportunity.

So how can we introduce our O & M projects? We can sort out our ideas from the following aspects:

1. Brief overview of the project
For example, the background of the project and the requirements of the project, the project is mainly used to solve the problems and the impact of the project.

2. Introduce the project Architecture
Describe the overall architecture of the project. The system environment and software architecture can be included in one sentence. The network architecture can be described according to the network topology. By the way, let's talk about the server role and business process. Key points in the O & M system architecture should be highlighted: Deployment and design of monitoring alarms, Server Load balancer, redundancy, high availability, database clusters, storage, security, and virtualization.

3. Technical components
The previous introduction does not involve details. However, when introducing the main part of your work, you must prepare the interviewer to ask for details. After all, this part can highlight your ability and level. For example, you are responsible for the network architecture and O & M of the entire project, then you can demonstrate your network technology level and capabilities in terms of the optimization design of switching and routing, network security reinforcement of firewalls, and high availability of Server Load balancer, put forward what you think is good in the project, either in architecture design or in specific optimization details.

4. areas for improvement
Many people may ignore this point when introducing the project, but this may be a real concern of the interviewer. As the business development and application deepen, new problems may arise, what else does the existing project need to be improved. All of these show your thoughts on projects and research on technologies.

5. Project Management
If you are the project owner, you can talk about how the project progress is arranged, how you solve problems in time or personnel, and how to control the development process of the project. This part not only examines your "management" capabilities, but also lays a foundation for your future development and promotion in this enterprise.

6. Highlight your sense of responsibility
Every interviewer wants to take responsibility for his work. At work, even if your technology is not comprehensive or good, you are very responsible for your work and willing to learn and take on the pressure, in this way, the value of training is also in line with the company's employment philosophy, and the company will seriously consider you.

Next, let's talk about how to describe the specific faults that have been handled in the work:

1. Introduce the fault generation Phenomenon
How do you observe when a fault occurs, and what commands and measures are used to obtain more information.

2. Describe your Analysis and Solution Process
How do you think about faults and start solving problems step by step.

3. Thoughts and conclusions after troubleshooting
After the fault is solved, will it recur? How can we avoid the recurrence of the fault and what emergency plans should be made during O & M work.

With these soft powers, you can be fully prepared for the interview.

Good luck for you!

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