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Since Borland's Delphi, Rad has gradually become a necessary tool for programmers. At present, most computer programming courses in schools have all become a RAD environment. Rad does bring many benefits to programmers, but the cost is also very high. The most important thing is that when you leave rad, the programmer will not be able to work normally, even if it is the smallest modification. I have encountered such an experience recently. For program debugging in an embedded Linux system, you only need to block a configuration in Linux and re-compile it. But such basic operations cannot be completed by programmers now. In fact, there are VI and G ++ in this Linux environment, but why can't programmers do it? There is no RAD environment.

In fact, the programmer should be a rad, which requires many years of programming experience to be scripted, fragmented, and Wiki-based. Only in this way can programming be performed in the minimal environment. Recently, I found that using the lamp environment of virtualbox + bitnami can well train the basic skills of programmers and leave rad to the greatest extent possible. When you can use VI to write c ++ and makefile, and then return to Visual Studio or eclipse, there will be a high level of experience.

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