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Topic Basic Requirements:

Write a "software" that can arithmetic integers between 0--10

The program can receive the integer answer entered by the user and judge the right and wrong

At the end of the program, count the number of questions answered correctly and wrongly.

Additional notes:

The integers of 0--10 are randomly generated.

Number of generated topics entered by user

Require generation of mixed operations such as (5-4) * (3 + 8) =?

The user enters the answer after the topic is generated

The user enters a character with the keyboard to end the run of the program and display statistical results, such as the end of the input e program and display of statistical results

Programming languages are unlimited, command-line output and image interface output are all possible.

(Additional points)

1, in addition to integers, but also to support the true score of the arithmetic. (Example: 1/6 + 1/8 = 7/24)

Job form:

1. Design the module function division beforehand.

2. Unit test required for each module

3, requirements through GitHub work together function, many people together to complete, everyone needs to encode, in which GitHub requirements are as follows:

1), create a folder named Arithmetic under GitHub, and the related programs and documents are placed in this folder

2), each person responsible for the different functions uploaded by themselves, and unit testing, requires everyone to create their own branch tree (which needs to be reflected in the submission log)

3), finally by a person to consolidate the various functions, and finally the branch to merge, need to use the merge command.

4, in the blog Park to publish an essay, the need to submit a log GitHub, the division of responsibilities and other members.

Soft Work Team Quiz

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