Software and hardware solution of "computer black screen" fault

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Hardware Chapter

First, check the computer components are placed into a reliable

First, check that the monitor cable is securely plugged into the host interface, and then check that the video card is in good contact with the motherboard I/O slot. If necessary, please remove the graphics card and reseat it once to ensure that the placement is in place and the contact is good.

Second, verify that the monitor is damaged

If your monitor and video card are securely installed, try a different, confirmed monitor. If the screen is no longer black, the reason is that the monitor may be damaged.

Third, verify the fan is a problem

If the monitor is not damaged, check further to see if the CPU fan is functioning. If the operation, the use of multimeter to measure the voltage output is normal for ±12v, ±15v, if not normal can be changed to a power supply to try.

Detection of CPU, video card and memory strips

If the black screen still appears, you can remove all components except the CPU, video card, memory, and then power up the computer. If the memory is faulty, there should be an alarm sound. If it is not a memory reason, please switch to a normal CPU and power on again. If the black screen still appears, you can only change one motherboard, and the problem should also appear on the motherboard.

In addition to the hardware cause of the black screen phenomenon, there are the following three aspects of the "soft" cause may cause "black screen."

Software articles

One, hardware acceleration set too high

Hardware acceleration can make software that handles a large number of graphics run more smoothly, but a "black screen" phenomenon can occur if the computer hardware acceleration is set too high. To resolve the "black screen" failure, first try to reduce hardware acceleration.

1, click the Windows Start menu, click Control Panel, and then double-click Show.

2, select the "Troubleshooting" tab, under Hardware acceleration, drag the slider from "all" to the position near "none".

3, click "OK" button.

Disable 3D acceleration or upgrade graphics drivers

If Windows has been configured for 3D acceleration, but the video card does not support this feature, a "black screen" failure may occur when you run a game or multimedia program.

1, click Start, click Run, and then type "DxDiag" in the Open box and press ENTER.

2. Select the Display tab and click the Test Direct 3D button under DirectX Features to get the correct direct 3D functionality.

3, if the screen does not appear a rotating cube, it indicates that the graphics card does not support 3D acceleration. At this point, click the Disable button after Direct 3D acceleration to disable the feature.

If your video card does not support 3D acceleration, in addition to disabling this feature, you can also contact the graphics manufacturer to update the driver to support the 3D acceleration of DirectX.

Third, the driver of the video card is incompatible with the graphics card

The DirectX installer may incorrectly detect the video card and install a driver that is not properly driven, and verify that the video card driver is using the correct drivers.

1, click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click System.

2. Select the Hardware tab, click the Device Manager button, click the + number before the show card or display adapter, right-click the display adapter below it, and then click the Properties button.

3, select the "Driver" tab, click the "Driver Details" button to display the graphics driver used. If you are using a driver that is not compatible with your video card, on the Driver tab, click the Update Driver button, and then follow the on-screen instructions to install a new version of the driver for the video card.

Through the above we introduced the soft and hard dafa, basically can deal with most of the black screen situation, if the day everyone's machine encountered misfortune, may wish to take out to try.

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