Software Design and Implementation summary

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This week, we learned the chapters of software design and implementation, and learned about some common methods of analysis and design, and some of the ways to manage them during the development phase:

1. Analysis and Design methods:

Writing software is to solve the needs of users, so we first understand the needs of users is the demand analysis.

Methods: (1) text-based documents (2) graphic-based construction model (3) Mathematical Language (4) class + code (5) source code + Comment

2. From spec to implementation

(1) Estimated time required for development tasks (2) analysis requirements (3) Generate design document (4) and colleague Audit document (5) write code (6) Code review, code refactoring

3. Developer's standard workflow (with picture)

BTV test also known as smoke test

4. Daily management of the development phase

(1) Behind closed doors: When the scene, functions are planned, to give employees enough time to minimize non-development time.

(2) Daily build: Build is the basis of testing.

(3) Build the Master: responsible for the management of the building server, debug build, analyze the cause of the error.

(4) wide and strict errors:

5. White box test--structure test

6. Black box test--Functional test

Software Design and Implementation summary

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