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The WIN8 application in Windows store has now broken through 80,000, the application of which so much we how to select it? As Zol software editors, what is the application of it? Today we'll take a look at what the software editors fancy about the Win8 apps, Maybe you'll be interested too.

The strongest internet phone: Skype

As Microsoft's "pro Son", the world's hottest Internet telephony and chat tool is necessarily one of the most popular applications, WIN8 version of Skype has been a number of revisions, just a few days ago updated the new version. Now let's take a look at what the Win8 version of Skype features.

Win8 version of Skype's homepage is very concise, including the "recent", "Common contacts" and "people" three parts. Where "recent" is a recent session record, "People" can be seen as a list of your friends. As for the "common contact" is to be set, click on the "+" on it.

Skype Home

There is also a phone icon above the homepage, click on it we entered the dial, this time can be like a normal call to assimilate.


Click on the contact head as we can start the conversation, this kind of conversation we can communicate between words, this way is free. Of course, click on the left side of the phone icon can dial each other's phone, which will need to pay a certain fee, but compared to the foreign phone is a lot cheaper.

Session interface

Finally, add a contact person, right-click the mouse will come out of the toolbar, click "Add Contact" will jump out of the search interface, and then find the contact you want to add to OK.

Call interface

Skype has always been a great chat tool, otherwise it will not attract users all over the world, and its Internet telephony function has also made communication a new form, no longer just a telecom operator's game. As Microsoft's own Win8 app, Skype is definitely worth it.

Listen to the song must install: QQ Music

In our Zol software editor has very much like to listen to songs, he recommended the Win8 song application is QQ music, from the current view of this application is indeed in the music category is very worthwhile to use. QQ Music has a lot of genuine music library, this is the service, in the end, Win8 version of the QQ music is also very good.

The interface of the QQ music includes the leftmost song recommendation, recommended music, radio, charts, MV, my music, local songs and the bottom of the play bar. One of the songs are recommended by the QQ music editors and netizens sorted out the song list, will have a similar song edited to the same song, this personalized service is currently in the online music industry is very popular.

QQ Music

Recommended music, radio, charts, MV is to help people do not know what songs to listen to find the right music, such as to see the list of recent popular albums, singles, or in accordance with the mood in the radio casually listen to, and like to watch video fans can choose MV.

QQ Radio

"My Music" is the user through the QQ account synchronization to the cloud collection of music, that is, as long as the previous music in the QQ music can be synchronized to continue to listen. As for the local song is the current computer saved music files, can also be played through the QQ music.

My Music Cloud is synchronized

QQ music also supports automatic search for synchronized display lyrics, and can adjust the volume of music and cycle mode. Overall is a very comprehensive Win8 platform music player, if you also love music, choose it will not be wrong.

Online video playback tool: Youku HD

With music naturally also can not be less video, here we recommend is Youku HD. As for why to mention Youku, because of the current online video class WIN8 applications, Youku HD is a relatively rich resource. Youku HD is the Youku dedicated to win 8 Metro interface developed video playback client products, very consistent with the win 8 metro end-user habits.

Open Youku HD We can see the regular several major video classification-"select", "Film", "TV series", "Comprehensive Arts" and "anime", each category has a huge amount of video resources. This Youku HD provides a good video filtering capability. Right click on the mouse or click on the upper left corner of the "Age", "Type" section, you can pull up the toolbar below, on the toolbar we can see the "filter" and "sorting" two options.

Video filtering features

Video details interface In addition to the video profile, you can see the Director, starring and other basic information and video comments and so on. There will also be video recommendations under the movie, and if it's a TV series you can browse the episode list and find the one you want to see.

Video Details page

In the playback interface, users can choose "SD" or "HD", depending on their network environment. If it's a TV show, the list of episodes will appear on the right side of the player. Youku HD also supports Full-screen playback, so it's even better with a big screen.

Play interface

Finally Youku HD also built a search function, like the usual use of system search as the charm bar can find the search tool. Then the search is the content of the application, which is WIN8 global search a major embodiment of the use of very convenient.

News aggregation reading: Fresh fruit Broadcast

Of course, in order to write an article more inspiration, editors on the need for news sources will be relatively large, so a good WIN8 news subscription software is also very popular. Here we recommend the Fresh Fruit network, this is in the mobile platform of the rise of the application of the aggregation has also launched a Win8 version.

The new fruit network includes nearly 9,000 mainstream newspapers, magazines, news, information websites and millions of RSS feeds, users can subscribe to their own interest in one-stop subscription like information, through the PC, mobile phone, tablet computer for reading.

Fresh Fruit Broadcast

First open the Fruit Network application, directly into our vision is a full screen of the United States and a brief mood text, click on the arrow can enter the main interface. It is recommended that you register an account first so that all of our subscriptions will be saved.

How do I subscribe to it? First click the right mouse button in the interface space, we can see the menu bar. There is a "channel Center" button on the far right of the menu bar, and you can see all the channels you can subscribe to by clicking in.

Channel Center

Find the channel under the category, where we can see what feeds. Click on the "+" number at the end of the entry even if the subscription is successful. Subscriptions to a successful channel will appear in the main interface of the application for easy viewing.

Many feeds

Finally, we are able to put the relevant channel directly fixed (Pin) to the "Start" screen, so that even if not open the application can directly click to browse the latest news.

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