Software Engineering Course Recommendations

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First of all, I would like to thank Li Wei teacher this semester to our teaching, you teach us three courses, really hard, thank you teacher.

For the course of software engineering, I think the method of Li Wei our class into several groups is very commendable, which not only embodies the two ideas of team development and team management, but also gives us a good idea of the importance of the team in advance. However, I think the teacher should also be strict, Li Wei teacher is our recognized most the most "gentle" teacher, so I hope that the teacher to the future students more stringent, higher requirements, after all, this is a very important course. Li Wei Teacher's personal ability and the quality of the lectures is very convincing to us. In terms of curriculum, I think the Software engineering course should be more focused on the actual experience, such as Li Wei Teacher's grouping method, or doing more team activities. Furthermore, it is hoped that the software engineering course will be more good.

Software Engineering Course Recommendations

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