Software Engineering Course Recommendations

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This semester in the software engineering This course, for this course also has a lot of knowledge:

1. The teacher adopts the teaching method is relatively open, we should be first contact with such teaching mode, class is very light
Pine, the state is very good, the teacher often asked about our progress, which makes us feel very cordial.

2. In order for us to experience the whole process of software development, the whole semester is based on a self-determined project.
Software development, from conception, design to implementation, let us probably clearly understand the specific steps of software development.

3. In project development, teachers let us consciously develop, submit documents on time, so that we feel a real project
Our understanding of project development is deepened by the link and time required for development.

4. The teacher in each experiment will let us write blog post, I was the first contact, this habit is very good, timely record the
Their learning status and experience, to help their own future review, but also help us to share information with each other.

5. In class, the classroom atmosphere is still a certain lack, we are not very active, students lack of participation, not active. Teacher in
Explain the important points of knowledge, you can use a lot of examples to interact with classmates, the middle can let students discuss with the group, but
To strictly control the discussion time, you can also allow students to publish their own opinions, so that everyone can learn more ideas.

Through this semester of study, I learned a lot, the whole process of software development has a certain understanding, know how to have a
To develop projects, in which links should be more attention, team members must regularly communicate and report their progress, heavy
Depending on how the document was written.

Software Engineering Course Recommendations

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