Software Engineering Course Recommendations

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This semester we began to learn software engineering This course, relative to the previous professional courses, I feel more like the overall planning of software design, not so detailed implementation, but for a software development, more important. Because you have to have planning and design, and some social surveys, to make your software popular before you can implement software functionality.

This semester Mr. Li gave us the class, I think it has been very exciting, especially for example, brainstorming activities so that students are very motivated. Relative to the dull specialized course, I think this kind of content can let the students understand the content that teacher teaches more profoundly.

Here are some of my recommendations for the Software engineering course:

1: Usually do a little more classroom exercises, so that students improve their hands-on ability, able to deeply understand the content.

2: More activities such as brainstorming, so that students think more active.

3: More classroom communication, so that the whole class of the design of the group put forward different suggestions and opinions, can make the students more perfect design.

4: Teachers and students to communicate more, for most of the students do not understand the content can be properly reviewed.

5: For some issues, you can find some suitable cases to analyze, increase the enthusiasm of the students.

Software Engineering Course Recommendations

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