Software Engineering Course Recommendations

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Software engineering after a semester study, the end, review the whole course of learning process, feeling a lot of income. At the same time, in my personal opinion, I have the following suggestions for the software engineering course:

1, the teaching interaction is too little, I think in the class to announce the next lesson to talk about the relevant content, and then left to the students to find information, randomly draw a classmate or a group of students to give lectures, not only exercise their own ability, but also the relevant knowledge to strengthen learning absorption. and count into the usual results.

2, the classroom technical discussion too little, I think can be in the classroom technical competitions, groups and groups to PK, and the PK results recorded in the usual results. PK content includes, the technical feasibility, the difficulty degree and so on. and count into the usual results.

3, can be used in-class extracurricular activities combined to deepen students ' understanding of the meaning of the course, and mobilize the students to learn the course of enthusiasm.

4, blog must be issued, the proposal in a number of technical platforms at the same time to publish a blog, can increase visibility, but also with Daniel to communicate. Technology platform: CSDN, Blog Park and so on. (more than three recommendations) and included in the usual results.

5, team projects, in addition to the previous session on the basis of improvement, and then select a project to develop, is conducive to the accumulation of technology and ability to upgrade.

6, the individual can choose a direction or language of their own interest in the development of the project, this can be added to the sub-item.

The above is my personal advice for this course, for reference only.

Software Engineering Course Recommendations

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