Software Engineering Documentation Summary

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Spit The Groove.

Before writing the document, tangled for a long time, do not know how to write, the document completed after the summary, feel again,

I wonder if someone else was so tangled up when they first wrote this.

Collect a lot of documents to look at the template, look for feelings,

After all the edits found these documents are also quite regular, from a software development, until the end of the development of the need to have documentation to assist, especially in the writing of "User manual", but also in this document feeling very large,-to serve the people!

Remember before I forgot where to hear or see a sentence, the quality of the document, thickness, to a large extent determines the software is excellent or not, perhaps this is the first time to write this is a bit of a headache, the feeling is not a lot, the performance is understood here, but there are the following several documents, elephant, Come on, 1.1.

Next, simply repeat the small understanding of the document:

Feasibility Study Report:

It is to do a project at the time to analyze the feasibility of the implementation of the project, effectiveness, technical solutions and technical policies for specific in-depth, detailed evaluation, in order to determine a technically reasonable, economically accounted for the best program.

Project Development Proposal:

In the development process of the project personnel, progress, hardware and software, the problem has occurred in response, edited out, for developers to use.

Software Requirement Specification:

Enables users, developers, and so on to have a common understanding of this software project, a clear understanding of the needs of this project, and can be used as acceptance criteria.

Data Requirement Specification:


User manual:

Use non-professional and easy-to-understand language to edit the use of the software, skills, users easy to get started.

After this immature document, at least for the next writing document has laid a certain foundation, not clever, but will work hard!

Software Engineering Documentation Summary

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