Software Engineering-building method team Work (iii) analysis of project-related issues

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First, preface

At present, college students in the campus, they have their own study, but many students still want to make some achievements, grow up, want to have their own economic sources, will often contact the part-time problem, we also consider the current situation of the university, some people love to study, prepare for postgraduate examination, some people want to go to college in a technology, Can find a job after graduation, but also some people will want to contact with the community in college students, so after the campus will soon adapt to social life, and this part of the people will often do part-time, such as tutoring, hair leaflets, posters, as well as in the roadside to do interviews, wedding help, as well as supermarket promoters ....

Second, the requirements

1. Is your project a pioneer in this field, or are you walking behind the others?

2. Is there a disruptive or ongoing support technology in this area?

3. Are there any user needs that are still not found?

4, for such a project what is "success"? Why do you have to win?

5. How to achieve success within 3-6 months?

Third, analysis

1, our project is not the pioneer in this field, but the aforementioned platform is aimed at all groups in society, a mixed bag, more error information, need to be screened, college students just find a part-time, sincere and reliable, (a) can be through the business on this platform, part-time students evaluation, Can be based on this calculation of the merchant's reliable index, the higher the index, the greater the credibility, I am sure to find a part-time college students to go to a part-time, the next will certainly introduce learning younger sisters to go to work, (b) Students in this platform can see a part-time merchant's basic contact, and part-time type, and contact information (c) businesses can hang out the number of people they need to recruit and part-time wages and part-time types by contacting us on our platform. Concrete implementation (a) There are some difficulties, but we are working hard to overcome the corresponding technical difficulties.

2, the information issued by the platform, the continuous approval of the credibility of information, will be published on the platform. For example, 58 of the same city, they have a dedicated staff, every day in an effort to review the vast amount of information issued by users nationwide, we recommend that you choose the company has been certified by the business license. If there is a credit rating mechanism, it is not possible to avoid publishing the information of the company on the platform of reliable index, so that when a part-time college students can directly avoid such false information companies.

3, at present, we are aimed at the college students, a group without social experience, thinking simple, we feel that if possible, we can add a game of information publishing platform, so that the group is not only to find part-time college students, but also like to participate in the science and technology competition, as well as the teachers in charge of the competition group.

4, we think, first of all we have to do, is success. But if only the mouth said we do, the most sorry is our own, we can achieve basic functions on the basis of the realization of the basic information dissemination function and information collection function, and then add our reliable index, this is the greater success, if the potential user needs to meet, We think we can start a small company and run the project. Because of the constant change in demand, our software needs to constantly adapt to the new needs in the change, if the project has been able to operate is the biggest winner.

5, the basic framework to do a good job, we put the basic functions to achieve, and then conquer the technical problems, may be our team finally did not conquer, but we have to overcome this technical difficulties in the continuous learning of the latest preface of the technology, but also the life of a team to learn the harvest, an improvement. (a) Weekly project process follow-up and next week's schedule of work. (b) A weekly regular meeting to report on what you have done in the team, what work has been done, and what to do next. (c) Every week no one does what they do, what they do, what they do next, what they write on their blogs, and how they grow.

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Software Engineering-building method team Work (iii) analysis of project-related issues

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