Software Engineering--"Is your light on?" Reading notes 2

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In my last reading note, I summed up my feelings, and now I want to combine our current team project to talk about how we feel.

After reading a book, the most profound is the first story-the maintenance of the elevator, I know what is the problem, the problem in the software project is the difference between what the user expects and what the experience is, then how to solve the problem in the story?

Method 1: Hang Mirrors and crayons by the elevator to let employees doodle, so employees feel that waiting for the elevator time is not so long, less complaining. Change the experience of the problem-holders, and let people downplay the problem in their minds. Seems to solve the problem, but when employees are bored with graffiti, will the problem be exposed?

  Method 2: Find the elevator problem, and repair the elevator, restore the speed of the elevator. To achieve people's expectations of things, if Peter started from the elevator instead of the employees experience, I believe he will soon be on the elevator article, so as to completely solve the problem. The effect of course is to completely solve the problem of the elevator in the Thunder Dragon Tower

  Method 3: Building a high-altitude corridor with the department store next door, allowing employees to steal elevators not only solves the problem of Thunder Dragon Tower Elevator, but also with the department store has achieved a win-win effect!

Such an analysis, it seems that we all think method three is the best solution of three methods, but I have no way to describe the logic of this approach, it seems to be just a spark of Peter, or in the department store with Mr. Kerviel in the exchange of the occasional better solution.

In fact, for this story, I have been thinking that if I were the problem-solving person, I would think of the third way of thinking, but now I find that this approach is only occasionally flashed through people's divergent thinking or a brainstorming-like way of thinking, and there is no fixed pattern. Just like a great star in the most unlikely position to kick the ball into each other's goal, if you ask him why he thought in that Flash shot, he also can not say a fluent truth. I think this is the spirit that God has given us human beings. I think Mr. Weinberg's passage through this story is also an advocate for us to solve problems through this creative thinking .

In our team development, will also encounter more or less problems, we should stand in the customer's perspective, experience their pain, try to meet their needs, with creative thinking to solve the problem.

Whether it is science and technology development to today, although made great achievements, but there are many unknown areas such as human to explore, to explore new areas to solve new problems need to have a new thinking, the inherent knowledge and methodology is only a summary of predecessors, but a reference, not a guide! Only by changing one's own mode of thinking in a step-by-step way can we find new methods and discover new laws. Our education in a sense, that is, the church students use the old methodology to solve the old problem repeatedly, learning there are laws, so the whole crowd slowly become less creative.

If I am a teacher, I will pay attention to let the students learn to think with creative thinking, like our software engineering, Wang's teacher, we pay attention to this point, the practice in class, he encouraged us to optimize the algorithm, instead of using the traditional method, followed by such a teacher study, is really very honored, haha ha!

Software Engineering--"Is your light on?" Reading notes 2

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