Software Engineering Overview

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Software engineers to solve the problem of development cost-effectiveness and software quality. The concept of "software Engineering" was first presented at the 1968 NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO) conference. At present, the software engineering is still a young subject that is rising rapidly, and has not yet formed a complete theoretical knowledge system, which needs a lot of theoretical research and engineering practice. In the software development process, the software from the personalized program evolved into engineered products, people's view of the software has undergone a fundamental change. "Software = Program" Clearly does not cover the full content of the software, in addition to the program, the software also includes the relevant documentation and configuration data to ensure that the correct operation of these programs. The IEEE standard Glossary of software Engineering terminology provides the following definition of software: Software is a computer program, procedures, and running a computer system may need relevant documents and data.

From the content of software, software is more like an embedded digital knowledge, its formation is a process of continuous evolution through interactive dialogue and abstract understanding. Depending on the scope of the software service object, software can generally be divided into two types of general-purpose software and custom software.

Software is a computer program, procedures, and running a computer system may need relevant documents and data.

(1) Computer program is a series of instructions and instructions that can be accepted by computer equipment, which provides the function and performance required for computer execution;

(2) The data is a structured representation of the facts, concepts or directives that can be accepted, understood or processed by computer equipment;

(3) The document is a description of the process of development, methods and use of graphic materials;

Software engineering is to apply the systematic, normative and quantitative methods to the development, operation and maintenance of the softwares, which will be applied to the software in the future. Software engineering aims to focus on quality, and consists of three elements of processes, methodologies, and tools.

Software Engineering Overview

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