Software Engineering Personal Final summary

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First, translation

Software engineers should be responsible for the analysis, specification, design, development, testing and maintenance of the software, which is a useful and respected profession. Give them a commitment to the safety, health and well-being of the public, and software engineers should follow the following eight commitments.

1, the public-software engineers should be consistent with the public interest.

2. Customers and supervisors-software engineers should work in a way that is in the public interest and in the best interests of their clients and superiors.

3, Products--software engineers should ensure that their products and related changes to meet the highest professional standards become possible.

4. Judgment-Software engineers should maintain integrity and independence in their profession.

5, management-software engineering managers and leaders should develop and promote an ethical approach to managing the development and maintenance of software.

6, professional-software engineers should be in the public to enhance professional integrity and reputation.

7, colleagues-software engineers should be fair and support the trust of their colleagues.

8, self--software engineers should participate in lifelong learning, on their professional practice, and promote the practice of professional ethics.

Second, answer the question

1, software engineering as the name implies that it is learning software, but the scope of the word is still very large, that is, what is the learning is programming? Design the app? Or some notion of something.

Software Engineering This course is not specific to which programming software to use, nor to learn what design app, but to guide the development of computer software and maintenance of a subject, in the development of software, how to do demand analysis, how to cooperate with teammates, how to maximize the cost-effective way to meet customer needs, Can be learned from this course, a bit like the management of computer science.

2, we have only learned some very simple programming language, are some fur, we learn the programming language can cope with the course of programming tasks?

Although my knowledge is not enough to do large-scale projects, but I experience the whole process of software development and maintenance, such as in the process of pairing programming and teamwork, I experienced this process, and there is no strong programming software has no relationship, the existing knowledge can fully cope with.

3, Software engineering learning is only software? Do you need a combination of some other disciplines and links to other disciplines?

Software engineering is not the study of what is the main thing is how to design a good software, how to analyze the user needs and cooperation with teammates, feeling or some other disciplines have links, such as the entity diagram in software engineering is this semester we just learned the ER diagram of the database.

4, the fourth question is not the Software engineering This course category, I have not figured out.

Iii. Summary and comments

When the test is finished, the first feeling is AH! Finally finished the exam, finally no more blogging. Before the course, the mind is very have, thought is a subject to programming-oriented curriculum, like I do not like computers, and do not play computer games, but sad urge to the computer professional, the whole people are ignorant, from a freshman with this timid of the mood to learn computer, Determined no matter what to do after the computer, a see the code on the headache, obstinately adhere to the junior, has not hung the section is not easy, the first class of software engineering to hear the teacher said the curriculum reform, usually accounted for 50%, let me this on the usual points to improve the results of the eyes of the people, There is a kind of salted fish to turn over the feeling, with this happy mood began software engineering courses.

      After more than a week of classes, I was confused, what was the teacher talking about? How to always talk about these things that feel very messy, what is the relationship with the computer? But in the third week I found that this course is the knowledge, this course is not to teach us how to program, slowly I found the nature of the course. Before learning how to program, how to achieve the function, and this time I learned that for a software engineer, just have the programming ability is far from enough. At the same time you should also be good at communicating with customers, understand the needs of users, digging out what the user really needs, more importantly, to have team cooperation ability, and teammates good communication, can not use the perspective to think about the problem, not only limited to their own perspective, crowds, everyone's ideas are not the same, Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages, and in team work and pair programming process, can make up for personal shortcomings, and the use of each person's strengths and expertise, the greatest degree of efficiency to complete customer needs, even if a person's ability is very strong, but a person is but a team eventually. In the practice of pair programming, I am mainly responsible for the audit of the task, but also write the query function, and team work in the practice I am responsible for the program on-line debugging and software testing, although their ability is insufficient, but I have done my best to complete my task, and to help teammates, I finally got a yellow T-shirt shirt that proves it.

The study of software engineering has ended, this reform can see the teacher's good intentions, in order to make our students more powerful strength, in order to make our students have a stronger competitiveness after graduation, racking up the mind to reform, although this is very positive, but I want to say that this reform is not a success, but also not a failure. The advantage of reform is that each of us have the opportunity to practice, programming this thing is ripe for the afterlife, if this semester is not a software engineering class, may be in addition to the single-chip computer class with assembly language programming, this semester will not have the practice of programming, and can let each of our students to experience the software development and maintenance of the entire process , especially with the hard-won opportunities of pairing programming and teamwork, it's really not a good lesson to just talk about books, so that we don't learn to cope with exams and really experience the process of practice. However, it is this open mode of teaching, give some students the opportunity to exploit, I am fortunate, whether it is a pair of programming or teamwork, each of us members are serious to complete their own tasks, no non-work classmates, but not everyone is like me so lucky, some classmates, do not care about the score, In the process of pairing programming and teamwork, not working from start to finish, and even some teams are just one person in the fight, resulting in this open teaching is not recognized by everyone, how the teacher to deal with this point will be a century big problem. Also, I can feel the lack of communication between the teacher and the TA, many times the homework teacher has asked but the TA did not know, leading to problems. That's it.

In short, I was fortunate, in the classmate's help I got the yellow T-shirt shirt, found their shortcomings, also harvested a lot of new knowledge, regardless of what I do in the future occupation, this period of study let me benefit.

Software Engineering Personal Final summary

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