Software engineering six or seven chapter reading notes

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Sixth chapter

In the sixth chapter, we mainly introduce the methodology of scrum, the principle of which mainly emphasizes the development process of a team's mutual assistance, and emphasizes how a team can make progress through communication in a project, and this communication is not to say that there is communication to call "communication". But to have real-time communication in person, although the current mode of communication has become very strong, but face-to-face communication is still the most efficient way of communication, and on this basis, and then put forward a new team activities-"daily", this is in the sprint I think is a very effective activity, Put the problem on the materializing, we all know each other's progress, solve the problems in the project, and constantly update the problems and solutions in the team work, back to look at the experience and summary of the resulting.

Seventh Chapter

In the seventh chapter, in my opinion is both the sublimation of the sixth chapter, on the basis of the sixth chapter, it puts forward the concept of the MSF model, in the first half of its main emphasis on the "transparent" point, in fact, is deliberately emphasizing the team internal communication problems, only the whole team to go hand in hand is a normal team development process, If there is a team of one or two people in front of the top, the rest of the people are only with the rear work, this "pyramid" shaped team progress is undoubtedly slow. Then another important concept is presented as a real-time summary, in a project development process, not to say at the end of the project to do a summary, summary can be carried out at any one stage, only in a number of summaries, clear the direction of the project, summarize the previous errors, In order to make a project or team in the future development of a lot less detours.

Software engineering six or seven chapter reading notes

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