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Software: 1958, Turkey. Paper The teaching of concrete mathematics

Software Engineering:Margaret Hamilton, 1969, NASA

Microsoft TFS



1. Free so suitable for distributed development

2. Public server pressure and data volume are not too large

3. Conflicts can easily be resolved between any two developers


1. Code confidentiality is poor, and once the developer has cloned the entire library, all code and version information can be fully exposed.


is a lightweight distributed version control system, implemented in the Python language,

Easy to learn and use, strong extensibility. It is an open source project based on the GNU general public License (GPL) license.


is a source-code hosting site that uses mercurial and git as a distributed version control system with both business plans and free accounts.

Features: Unlimited number of private warehouses, unlimited disk space, free private personal warehouse support Https/ssh;bug tracking, project WIKI;API Support, flexible permissions control, customizable domain name, RSS change record output, custom download

Software, engineering

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