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2010 the second half of the real title 60:

About the bug management process, () is the right approach.

a. The developer submits a new bug to the library, setting the status to
B. The developer confirms the bug and sets the status to fixed
C. The tester confirms that the problem is resolved and the setting status is closed
D. The tester confirms that it is not a bug and that the status is reopen
Analytical Solution: This paper examines the basic aspects of the bug management process and the understanding of knowledge.
Option A: Testers rather than developers submit a new bug to the library, set the status to new (I think the answer to the question is a problem, in fact, developers can also submit a bug, any person in the project can submit a bug)
Option B: Confirm is a bug, Set the status to open instead of the fixed
Option C: Confirm that it is not a bug, set the status to not reopen

So the answer to the question is to choose c.

2011 The second half of the real title 33:

To develop a new software product that connects computers via satellite communications, it is the least appropriate to adopt the () model, assuming that there is no prior experience in developing a communications satellite software.
A. Waterfall
B. Prototypes
C. Increments
D. Spiral
Analytic solution: The subject examines the software life cycle model. Waterfall model is a model that prescribes the various activities of the software life cycle as a series of linear sequential connections, but the model lacks flexibility, especially the problem of unclear or inaccurate software requirements. Prototype model quickly constructs the prototype of the software, on this basis to develop the final product. The spiral model adds risk analysis. Therefore, for the development of a new field of new software products, not suitable for the waterfall model, so the correct answer to choose a.

2011 The second half of the real title 59:

In automated testing tools, () is the hardest to automate.
A. Test execution
B. Comparison of actual output with expected output
C. Test case generation
D. Test recording and playback
Analytical answer: The question examines the knowledge of the automation test technology. Automated testing techniques include automated test execution, output comparisons, recording and playback of tests, automatic generation of test cases, and so on, where test case generation is the most intelligent and creative activity, and this is what automation tools are least adept at. So the correct answer to the question is to choose c.

2012 the second half of the real title 59:

The service-side performance index is a kind of important load pressure test indicator, the following is not the service side transaction processing performance indicator is ().

A.CPU occupancy Rate
B. Average thing response time
C. Memory consumption
D. Number of process switches per second
Analysis: CPU utilization, memory consumption, process switching per second are the service-side transaction processing performance indicators. And the average thing response time is the transaction processing index in the client transaction Processing performance index, so the correct answer to the question choice B.

2012 the second half of the real title 65:

The following is a description of the acceptance test, which is incorrect ().

A. Acceptance testing is the last Test action before software is deployed

B. Acceptance testing allows the system user to decide whether to receive the system.
C. Acceptance testing is to show future users that they can work as scheduled requirements
D. Acceptance testing does not require the development of test plans and procedures
Analytical Answer: Acceptance testing also requires the development of test plans and procedures, so the answer to choose D.

Software Evaluator Real Exam analysis-5

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