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After the system is reinstalled, you must install a lot of application software. However, one installation is a waste of time. Can you fix it all at once? Now you can use the Autoinst tool to implement this function. This is a small but flexible free tool. You can find it on the CD of this issue.

The hosts file is automatically installed.

To explain how to use the software, we will describe it using instances. In the following example, Adobe Reader and RealOne are installed on a Windows XP computer.

The two software installation files are named adberdr60_chs_full.exeand realoneplayerv2gold_cn.exe. Then place the software and installation file in the same directory. Create our own inf file, open notepad, and enter the following content:


Title = commonly used software installation CD

Reboot = Auto

Mode = Select

Admin = Yes


Title = RealOne Player V2 Gold


CheckReg = HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARERealNetworksRealPlayerversion,


OS = All

Title = Adobe Reader

RunWait=AdbeRdr60_chs_full.exe-p "-s/v"/qn ""

Reboot = No

After the input is complete, press Ctrl + S to save the file. Note that when saving the file, select "all files" from the file type drop-down menu, and then enter "autoinst. inf "as the file name (the name cannot be changed to another one ).

Note the following parameters:


“Title=you can change the name displayed in the software window after running autoinst.exe on the software installation disc;

"Admin = Yes" determines whether the current user has administrator permissions before installing the software. We recommend that you use Yes.


"Title = RealOne Player V2 Gold" determines the name of the software currently installed, which is displayed on the software interface during automatic installation;

Unzip runwait1_realoneplayerv2gold_cn.exe.exe -s.exe defines the storage location of the installation program, in which zookeeper represents the location of the autoinst.exe file. From this perspective, we can see that the realoneinstaller and autoinst.exe files are stored in the same folder (if the installed software is in another path, you must specify it ). The "-s" parameter is the unattended installation parameter of RealOne. Only when this parameter is used will various option pages not be displayed during software installation, it will not allow you to choose the installation location and type, and everything will be installed according to the default settings;

"CheckReg = HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWA ....." This statement is used to check the registry before installation. If this record exists in the registry, it indicates that the software has been installed in the system. if the version number in the registry is lower than shown here, the program automatically upgrades and installs the software. This is an optional setting.

Some other users can refer to the description file autoinst.htm in the software package.

Run the autoinst.exe file after writing autoinst.inf. You will see the interface. here we can see that we plan to install two software in total. If the software detects that Realone has been installed in the system, as shown in the figure, realone entries are highlighted in bold and are not selected by default. The software you want to install has been selected. Click "Install". After a while, you can click "close" to exit. Depending on the software you have installed, you may need to restart your computer after exiting.


1. Not all software has an automatic installation mode, and the supported software generally has different parameters. For example, in this example, RealOne can be automatically installed as long as a simple "-s" parameter, but the automatic installation parameters of Adobe Reader are much longer and the content is more complex.

2. Some software may run automatically after installation, which affects the automatic installation of other software.

3. Some software requires serial numbers during installation; otherwise, the software cannot be installed. Serial/SILENT/NOREBOOT/SN = xxxx-xxxx/WRITE_SN "is automatically entered, but not all software can be automatically entered.

4. Some software (for example, a soft patch program, you can use “filename.exe/? "In the command prompt /?" This command obtains the optional parameters supported by this file. We recommend that you use this method before determining the automatic installation parameters of the software.

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