[Software Life] How to handle small outsourcing projects to prevent spoofing

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The following is what happened on shuimu, so I plan to write such a text to help you identify small projects and prevent fraud.

The original connection is as follows: http://www.newsmth.net/bbstcon.php? Board = itjobs & gid = 53326

Someone contacted me for a project via message on the site yesterday.
Mailing station: shuimu community (Tue Aug 10 10:36:04 2010), within the station

The requirements are not complex.
However, the contact information is suspicious.
I have repeatedly said no more than five times. Please write a document and send it to me so that I can reply to you.
The other party still keeps sending messages in the station, but does not send me emails in the station to tell me some so-called requirements, and insist that I make a quotation and a development cycle.
At last, I insisted on the document and said it was too tired. As a result, he finally came up with a sentence, so tired, forget it.

Everyone should be careful with this kind of behavior. I estimate that he is looking for an inquiry everywhere, and then asking for some reserve prices through a similar bidding method. It is not really necessary to talk to you about the project.
Therefore, you should pay attention to the communication methods. You should never see a project that you can do and make some money, so you don't have to worry about the analysis at once. In this way, you are wasting your time, nothing can be obtained.

To undertake a project, you must:
1. Trusted information of the company and the owner, such as confirmation by phone or email.
2. Documents must be provided. They are not message dialogs. They are too nonstandard and have no legal force.
3. After preliminary discussion on the internet, you must stick to the agreement to sign a contract or a formal agreement and get the agreement by fax or express delivery.
4. Do not feel that the price is suitable, so you can make a hasty commitment. There may be a deep trap behind it.
Software-only payment methods are generally 4, 3, 2, 1, or 3, 4, 2, 1, or 5, 3, 2/5, 4, and 1, generally, 1 is the final payment, which guarantees the buyer and maintains the service period.
You can pay the final payment only when the final period is reached or promised. You can pay the final payment through some trusted methods, that is, three payment methods.
If the down payment is less than 3, or there is no contract and the down payment is very low, you must be alert.

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