Software process and project management--the first week of work (2)

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1. Choose a software you are familiar with, review its pros and cons, and describe the history of such software development

• System software: Operating system, device driver, tool software, etc.

• Application software: Users use them to complete their work, from managing nuclear power plants to writing articles, or communicating, gaming, surfing the web, playing videos, and more.

• Malware: Software viruses.

Answer: Familiar software: Windows operating system


(1) Simple and clear, intuitive, graphical interface to more convenient processing of files

(2) Multi-tasking operating system


(1) Security is not good enough, easy to be hacked to lead to the loss of information

(2) faster than Linux

Windows System Development History

(1) Windows was announced by Microsoft in November 1983 and released two years later (November 1985).

(2) Windows version 2.0 is officially launched on the market in 1987.11. This version has made some improvements to the user interface. The 2.0 version also enhances the keyboard and mouse interface, in particular by adding feature sheets and dialog boxes.

(3) Windows3.0 was released on May 22, 1990, combining win/286 and win/386 in the same product. Windows was the first version to gain a foothold in the home and office markets.

(4) version 3.1 is 1992.4 released, like OS/2, Windows3.1 can only operate in protected mode and requires a PC with a minimum of 286 or 386 processors configured with 1MB of memory.

(5) The release of Windows NT in July 1993 was the first version to support the 32-bit protected mode of the intel386, 486, and Pentium CPUs. NT can also be ported to non-Intel platforms and work on several workstations that use RISC wafers.

(6) The Windows95 was released in 1995.8 months. Although some features in NT are missing, such as high security and portability of RISC machines, 95 has the advantage of requiring less hardware resources.

(7) Windows98 was released in June 1998 with many enhancements, including improved performance, better hardware support, and a closer integration of an international network and a Global Information Network (WWW).

(8) Windowsme is an operating system between 98SE and 2000, and is intended to be a similar feature for those unable to meet the 2000 hardware standards, but in fact this version

Windows has a lot of problems, losing 2000 of its stability and failing to meet 98 of low-profile requirements, so it's quickly abandoned by the public.

(9) The birth of Windows2000 is a very remarkable thing, the February 17, 2000 release of the 2000 is known as the most stable operating system, its development from NT, while starting from 2000, formally abandoned the 9X kernel. Today, there are still many computers that use this operating system.

(10) on the basis of 2000, enhanced security features, while increasing the verification of piracy technology, in 2001.10.25, the word "activation" became the most important word in the computer. Also, the naming of XP has been widely disseminated, and various types of software "XP" have been enacted. At some point, Windows XP is one of the most easy-to-use operating systems.

(11) In November 2006, the Vista system, which had a trans-epoch significance, launched a hardware revolution, a PC that formally entered dual-core, large (memory, hard disk) generation. However, because of Vista's usage habits and XP have a certain difference, the compatibility of hardware and software causes its popularity is passable, but its gorgeous interface and dazzling special effects are commendable.

Windows 7 was released in the United States on October 22, 2009 and officially launched in China on October 23, 2009 afternoon. Windows 7 is designed to focus on five key points-specific to laptops, design based on application services, personalization of users, optimization of audio-visual entertainment, and new engine for user usability.

(13) 13.2012 October 26, WINDOWS8 officially launched in the United States. Windows 8 supports chip architectures from Intel, AMD and ARM, and is used on PCs and tablets, especially mobile touch devices such as touch-screen phones, tablets, and more. The system has a good battery life and starts faster, consumes less memory, and is compatible with the software and hardware supported by Windows 7. In addition, in the interface design, the use of planar design.

Windows 10 was the last version of Windows released by Microsoft, and Windows 10 drastically reduced the development phase. Since October 1, 2014, Windows 10 has undergone technical Preview (Technical Preview) and Insider Preview (Beta), and the next generation of Windows will appear as an update. WINDOWS10 will release 7 releases, each targeting different users and devices. From 12 o'clock on July 29, 2015, Windows 10 push is fully powered on, Windows7, Windows8.1 users can upgrade to Windows 10, and users can upgrade to WIN10 by means of system upgrades. Windows 10 drastically reduces the development phase. Since October 1, 2014, Windows 10 has undergone technical Preview (Technical Preview) and Insider Preview (Beta)

Version history:

2, there are many kinds of software: shrinkwrap (software in the packaging box), WebAPP (web-based software), Internalsoftware (software within the enterprise or school or an organization), games (game), Mobileapps (mobile app), Operatingsystems (operating system), tools (tool software), choose three kinds of software, please analyze their respective characteristics.

• How do developers of these software persuade you (strangers) to become their users? Are they aiming for profit? Do they aim to earn cash from customers? Or is it something else?

• How the software is in your hands (mail order, download, copy each other ...) )

• How does the software handle bugs? How is the version updated?

• How does the same type of software compete? What is the development trend of this type of software?

• List the "Special phenomena" you observe when using the software, and how are they different from the hardware? Does this illustrate some of the essential features of software?

• When did such software begin to appear?

• Are you personally the first time to use such software when and what state you were at that time, what was the expectation, then how the software was made available (buy genuine, pirated, downloaded?) )

• How did you learn to use the software? What benefits does it give you? Harm?

• Do you still use it, or are different brands of similar software, why?

• Will this software be available in 20 after 10 years? Why?

A: I chose WebApp (Web-based software), Mobileapps (mobile app), Operatingsystems (operating system) three kinds of software. For these three kinds of software analyze them from the following aspects.

WebAPP (web-based software): such as mailboxes, some web games, etc.

(1) A. I originally used the software because I saw other people using the software, and the software provided the functionality that I needed, so I started using it. and software developers convince strangers that their users can bring a large number of users through an activity associated with the software, attracting users by demonstrating the functionality of the software to potential users, and attracting more users through a good reflection of those users.

B. The goals of these software are not all profitable, but most of them are direct or indirect in order to be profitable. Direct profit in my opinion is to earn money for customers, such as some web games to buy props, it is clear that the direct profit. Of course, some of the software is not simply profitable. For example, the free mailbox is not profitable, its main goal is to attract a large number of users, improve click-through rate, so that some ads on the site will be seen, you can charge advertisers, so as to achieve indirect profits.

(2) These software I have to open the corresponding page directly to use

(3) When the software encounters a bug, or a newer version, it only needs to replace the new application with the old one on the server, and the new version will be presented when the customer opens.

(4) The competition of the same type of software is embodied in their propaganda mode, the application of software to customers, and the operability of software. WebApp is likely to be a major development trend, as it is easy to use and does not need to be installed, does not need to be updated by itself, and is also very convenient for developers to maintain.

(5) Using the software observed "special phenomenon": the same link at a time on any computer on any browser open display results are the same (regardless of incompatibility), and can allow many users to use at the same time, but on the surface feel that only one person in use. At this point and the hardware is not the same, the hardware in most cases can only be used by one user, even if it can be used by many users there is a certain limit, and users can be aware of other user's use. This can reflect the nature of the software: software is logical.

(7) The first time I use this kind of software is I in sophomore, need to hand in a note material, the class teacher let me in the form of e-mail sent to him, so I used the QQ mailbox. At that time the software was directly opened to use the Web.

(8) My current use of the WebApp are relatively simple, according to some of the instructions on the page, or try to click on the page some links or buttons to see the situation, gradually learned to use. For the advantages and disadvantages of the web to me, take the mailbox as an example. Benefits: You can use its functions, e-mail, receive e-mail to meet the learning needs; Cons: There are always some ad messages sent to the mailbox.

(9) Still take the mailbox as an example, because of learning and other needs I still use the mailbox, and in the use of QQ mailbox, but also in the use of NetEase mailbox. Because QQ mailbox is more convenient, usually login QQ can see the new mail prompt, but because some places need to use mailbox registration, but not recommended QQ mailbox, so at the same time is the use of the Web mailbox.

(10) will also exist, because this kind of software easy to use, do not need to install, only the browser can be used, I believe that with the powerful browser capabilities, such software will also have a better development.

Mobileapps (mobile app): such as mobile phone games, mobile phone version of QQ, Weibo, etc. are Mobileapps.

(1) A. I originally used this kind of software, because I bought the smart phone to bring some application software, in the process of groping use I found them simple, convenient and practical. So I tried to search for the software with the features I needed to use other applications. Software developers persuade customers to use their software, allowing them to install their software when they come out, so many customers will try to accept the software, and of course the software's propaganda is essential.

B. The mobileapps I'm in touch with are basically free to use, but their ultimate goal is certainly to make a profit, but a large part of the software developer's direct profit is not the customers who use the software, such as advertisers.

(2) This kind of software is the mobile phone itself, or download the installation package to the phone and then install the use.

(3) This type of software handles the bug by exiting the new version. Updated version to download the new installation package, reinstall, overwrite the original installation using.

(4) Similar software to attract more users by highlighting one of their own highlights. Because the mobile phone is convenient to carry, now people are accustomed to use the mobile phone to deal with various affairs, so Mobileapps will have a good prospects for development.

(5) Using the software observed in the "special phenomenon": The software on the mobile phone no matter how many times, the use of how long it can be used normally (regardless of the phone problem). Hardware is not able to achieve this, the hardware will be with the use of time and the increase in the number of times to produce a certain degree of wear. Software during operation and use, no hardware-like mechanical wear, aging problems;

(6) Such software appears from the beginning of the mobile phone using the operating system.

(7) The first time I used such software was after the college entrance examination. At that time bought the first cell phone, is also the first mobile phone only, at that time is want to use mobile phone leisure entertainment. At that time the software is the mobile phone and self-download.

(8) After the first installation of a software open, there will be a tutorial, then do it again to know how to use. The advantages and disadvantages of this kind of software are as follows. Benefits: It brings me a quick and easy application. Cons: Some mobile version of the software does not have a full-featured PC version, not easy to use.

(9) I am still using this software, because these software on the phone, can be used anytime and anywhere.

(10) There will also exist, because this kind of software easy to use, with mobile phone can be used anytime and anywhere, I believe with the development of smartphones, such software will also have a better development.

Operatingsystems (operating system): e.g. Windows operating system, Linux operating system, etc.

(1) In the case of Windows operating systems, many people in China use the Windows operating system, which naturally drives more people to use the system. Software developer

Some operating systems are profitable, their goal is to obtain customer's cash, such as the Windows operating system, of course, some operating systems are not aimed at profit, their goal is for teaching research to use.

(2) The software is obtained by copying the

(3) Handling bugs by adding patches, updating versions by reloading the operating system

(4) different operating systems with their different advantages to attract different users, such as the Windows operating system easy to learn, suitable for public use, and UNIX security is good but need to use the command line, suitable for professionals.

(5) "special phenomenon" observed using the software described above: Although we use the computer to use such software, but we do not seem to feel the use of such software. It is a kind of software between hardware and application software and has the same characteristics as other software.

(6) In 1947, the invention of transistors, and Maurice V. Wilkes (Maurice Vincent Wilkes) invented the micro-program method, so that the computer is no longer mechanical equipment, but electronic products. System management tools and procedures to streamline hardware operations quickly emerge and become the foundation of the operating system.

(7) The first time I used such software was in grade five, but it taught me the first time I had access to the computer and the operating system, but I didn't know that the operating system existed, but I wanted to play some games on my computer. The operating system at that time should be copy-installed.

(8) I learned to use the Windows operating system under the guidance of a teacher. Benefits: Simple and convenient. Cons: Sometimes the computer crashes suddenly causing some data loss.

(9) I am still using the Windows operating system because it is simpler and more convenient.

(10) Operating system such software, after 10 years, 20 years will still exist. Because the operating system is a computer program that manages and controls computer hardware and software resources, it is the most basic system software that runs directly on the "bare metal", and any other software must be run with the support of the operating system. So in this information age, computers are essential to the same operating system.

Software process and project management--the first week of work (2)

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