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From the perspective of my own experiences, I would like to talk about the capabilities of the Enterprise Informatization software project manager and the issues and focus that should be paid attention to when hosting the project. For the shortcomings, I would like to ask your colleagues to give advice and share the common progress.

Most software enterprises in China take the form of projects as the means of survival and development. There are large and small projects, 2 millions or 3 millions of the large ones, and 50 thousand of the small ones, therefore, the success or failure and efficiency of the project directly affect the company's operating costs and profits as well as the salaries of everyone. The candidates for the Project Manager determine the success or failure of the project and the benefits of the project, therefore, based on your own experience, let's talk about the coordination relationship and the four capabilities that the project manager should possess when presiding over the actual operation of the project. I hope it will help you in your practical work!
MIS software project managers should always remember their two responsibilities and points of view:

1. How to refund the project acceptance as soon as possible to create more profits for the company and the team and bring more benefits to the subordinates.
2. How to develop a project into a product during the project process.
The author's point of view is to extract products from the project and support products, while products provide better services for the project to create greater profits and development space.
MIS software project managers should have three types of coordination relationships:
1. Coordinate the relationship with the customer to ensure that the customer's communication atmosphere is active and lively. The customer can do more work tomorrow, but the customer's mood must be happy!
2. Coordinate with your superiors so that you can exercise the permissions of the project manager and strive for better resource allocation.
3. Coordinate the relationship with subordinates. They are the core personnel who are truly striving for the project and making achievements.

The MIS software project manager should have four capabilities:

1. Learn to guide customers.

As MIS software, will it lead the customer to succeed or fail the whole project progress. A software company generally has a semi-finished product when it is working on a project. At this time, the role of the project manager and the customer in talking about the program is to emphasize the importance. If the customer is guided, the second phase of the program development will be very small. When I started talking to the customer with a program version, three major modules in a row were recognized by the customer, only 3 × 0. 5 days of work, while the internal plan is 3 × 20 days of work, the same project was transferred to the acceptance period nearly two months ahead of schedule. At the beginning, the author achieved such a great success. There were two main points: first, he was not familiar with his own software products. When talking about it, he avoided weaknesses and guided the customer. Second, when talking with the customer, I talked about the overall business of the module and the Business Process of the module, guiding the customer to reach an agreement in the general direction, without falling into technical details. Off-topic: At that time, the explanation was incorrect. I didn't get into this problem, but said that the data will be transferred to the next process after being saved.

2. Cognition of customer needs and estimation of development progress

In the project promotion process, there are inevitable differences in program requirements, demand changes and new requirements. At this time, the project manager is responsible for adjusting the project development cycle, tasks, and resources. This requires the project manager to correctly understand and grasp the customer's needs and estimate the development progress. What needs to be done in the shortest time when the project manager is facing a change in the requirement change procedure is: 1. estimate the required manpower and working days. 2. If necessary, the impact on the entire project's time cycle. 3. The importance and urgency of the work. Then, exchange the results with the customer and reach an agreement. It is best to keep the documents in writing. Taking the development of a new module with three working days in the project as an example, if you fully understand the customer, the module can be successfully completed and approved by the customer in three working days. If the customer is not guided, and his or her understanding of the demand is incorrect, he or she is not sure about it. It may take two months, in this way, the half-year project in the contract is finally made into one year, and the program is still under development, and the project becomes the collection place of program garbage. Many software companies in China are more or less involved in this phenomenon.

3. How to say "no" with skill

There will be a lot of demands during the project promotion process, some of which were not properly considered at the beginning, and some of which were urgent (for example, after the leaders found out ), some of the requirements are unreasonable and difficult, while some of them are meaningless. Some of them are not technically met, some are necessary, and some are reasonable, some of them are reasonable but not necessary ,....... Because changes in requirements will inevitably lead to increased workload and allocation of personnel, sometimes the poor handling will make the project acceptance far away and even become stiff with the customer, at this point, the project manager needs to be skillful in saying no to nod his head. Remember: customers are God, but you are not Christians. When I was about to transfer the project to the Acceptance Period and talk to their boss about the program, the boss asked to print the report separately in a form, and our report printing was all centralized, after talking to the boss, I announced that I would do it and work overnight. I will see it on paper early tomorrow morning. The result is of course the project transfer Acceptance Period. I often say no to what is the focus of my work now. We will automatically solve this problem when the program is upgraded in a few months.

Iv. Concepts and coordination between the plan and actual on-site operations

During the project promotion process, there will often be situations such as planned changes. What the project manager should do: 1. Adjust your plan according to the actual situation, and make a full estimate (I generally say the difficulty is bigger and the date is longer ). 2. report the reasons for the change and your new plan to your superiors. 3. Announce the personnel arrangement and date arrangement at the meeting and negotiation with your colleagues. Remember: to do a good job, time points are the key. This will lead to frequent overtime and intense stress work due to the strength of the team and the ability of the Project Manager. How can you make your subordinates more willing to work hard for this project, you need coordination and organizational skills. Don't forget two words: Who assigned our permissions? The project manager and your colleagues both work. So everyone knows what I used when I was working on the project.

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