"Software Test" experiment VI: Defect report

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Test the shopping Cart module in the bookstore project with the software testing knowledge and technical methods you have learned, and write out the defect report for the test.


1, the bookstore project namely the experiment 7 sends the project to everybody

2, required to find at least 2 defects, that is, to write 2 defects report

3, the Defect Report reference textbook P264 page

4. Severity and priority in defect reports according to the severity and priority specified in the textbook P263 page

5, page layout, aesthetics, links, etc. do not meet the needs, but also the shortcomings, but the subject please do not write these aspects of defects, otherwise do not give points.


Online Shop Defect Report


 2016-06-12 opened by Hzz

   2016-06-12 affirmed by Hzz


TD colspan= "5" >

defect number


Owning module

Shopping Cart

Confirmation person

Huang Zhezhi

Confirmation Date


Problem Overview: Add books to cart, if there is the same number, will not increase the corresponding number






  1. Add 1 books to the shopping cart, in 1 books to add
  2. Go to the shopping cart, The number of books should be 2, shown as 1 this        



< Span style= "Font-family:microsoft Yahei; font-size:16px; " >



1. Repeat add book to cart action, update problem still exists.







re-testing through  --Huang Zhezhi   2016-06-12


Development leader: Huang Zhezhi Fix Date: 2016-06-12 Close: 2016-06-12

"Software Test" experiment VI: Defect report

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