Software Test Learning Essay (8) The stage of software testing

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Software testing mainly includes the following stages:

(1) Unit test

Unit testing refers to the inspection and validation of the smallest testable unit in the software. For unit testing in the meaning of the unit, in general, according to the actual situation to determine its specific meaning, such as the C language unit refers to a function, Java unit refers to a class, graphical software can refer to a window or a menu. In general, the unit is the minimum measured function module that is artificially defined. Unit testing is the lowest level of test activity to be performed during the software development process, and the independent unit of the software will be tested in isolation from other parts of the program.

Purpose of Unit Testing:

    • Verify that the code matches the design
    • Tracking requirements and implementation of design
    • Identify errors in design and requirements
    • Errors introduced in the rebate encoding process

Unit tests can use orphaned test policies:

    • Global input and output variable testing within the cell (Driver)
    • Interface test for a function (Sub) called within a cell
    • Overwrite path

(2) Integration Testing integration test

Integration is the combination of multiple units together to form larger units. The integration test is to check whether the interface between each software unit is correct, assuming that the unit tests have been passed by each software unit. Integration testing corresponds to the design phase of the software development process, and the architecture of the entire system in software overview design is the basis for integrating test case inputs.

The practice shows that although some modules can work independently, it is not guaranteed to work properly. Some of the problems that are partially reflected are likely to be exposed in the global sense.

Integration testing can be non-incremental integration, but due to the difficulty of its operation and easy to miss, it is now widely used in incremental integration, it divides the program into small sections to construct and test, in this process is easier to locate and correct errors. Integration strategies such as top-down, bottom-up, and sandwich integration can be used.

(3) Systems test system Testing

The final phase of the test before the product is submitted to the user during system testing. The so-called system testing, is the confirmed software, hardware, peripherals, networks and other elements together to carry out a variety of information system assembly testing and validation testing, system testing is for the entire product system testing, the purpose is to verify whether the system meets the requirements of the definition of specifications, Identify areas that are inconsistent with or inconsistent with the requirements specifications, thus proposing a more complete solution.

What the System tests:

Functional testing, GUI testing, performance testing, smoke testing, stress testing, capacity testing, robustness testing, security testing, reliability testing, recovery testing and backup testing, protocol conformance testing, compatibility testing, installation testing, usability testing, configuration testing, documentation testing, acceptance testing, regression testing.

Software Test Learning Essay (8) The stage of software testing

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