Software testing Technology (I.)

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This week for the first week of the new semester, I started the college compulsory course software testing study. Prior to the Software engineering class, there are some knowledge about the test, such as black box test, white box test, equivalence class partition method. The teacher also extended, in short, the black box test is a known product functional design specifications, can be tested to prove that each of the functions implemented to meet the requirements. White box testing is the internal work process of a known product, which can be tested to prove that each internal operation complies with the design specifications and that all internal components are inspected.

Since the number of times each program can be tested is unlimited, we need to quickly and accurately detect program errors, it is not possible for each possible input to come again, testing the actual output is the same as the expected output results. In this case we can use the equivalence class partitioning method. The equivalence class partitioning method is a typical and important black box test method, which divides all possible input data (valid and invalid) into several equivalence classes. Then select the representative data from each section as a reasonable classification of test cases, the test cases are composed of valid equivalence class and invalid equivalence class, so as to ensure the completeness and representativeness of the test case. The concrete flow is divided into valid equivalence class and invalid equivalence class, then it can be subdivided further, numbering each equivalence class, designing test cases so as to cover as many valid equivalence classes as they have not yet covered. Redesign a new test case to overwrite and overwrite only an invalid equivalence class that has not yet been overwritten.

There are many automated test tools that can be consulted

Software testing Technology (I.)

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