Software testing Technology The first lesson is to be careful

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Software testing is an activity that evaluates the properties or abilities of a program or system and determines that it conforms to its own desired results.

Whether the software meets the requirements, find out falut. is "Art".

Testing, mainly because we are not good enough programmers, not concentrating enough energy to overcome errors, sometimes forget to use full-structured, top-down design to get our solution, we should have to distinguish what other programmers or customers say, know how they think, and what they really mean, The test itself is a recognition of "failure (failure)".

Learning test, management software development process: Requirements Test-〉 functional Acceptance test plan, better design, software development (requirements, completion of required functions, testability, safety and reliability, availability, execution speed, maintainability), Master Software Testing principles and methods, improve quality.

Software testing Technology The first lesson is to be careful

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