Software Version Control (SVN/CVS)

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Software Configuration Management refers to software configuration management, that isSoftware Version Management Control. AbbreviationSCM

Why is SCM available?

In large projects, developers are usually needed, so there are too many prominent problems, such:

When many people develop a project togetherProgramHow can I get the latest version?
For version modification,CodeWhich updates have been made?
How to query or update to a previous version (if the current version has a problem ).

The Project Manager accurately obtains the current work progress.

Developers have changed the code of the same version, and have done the same job or code conflict.

It is inconvenient to compare and modify the development history.


SCM is born to solve these problems.

SCM history?

It started in 1970 and was used for Version Management Control developed in UNIX.

Development History:

Starting from:

SCCs (source code control system)
RCS (Revision Control System)

SCCs → codemgr→Teamware
SVN -------- SVN is suddenly emerging. It meets the features of CVs and solves some fatal disadvantages of CVS. So now most of them are using SVN.

What is the main role of SCM?

Version Control (version control and Product Data Management)

Others ---- (rarely used by programmers)

What are the main terms of SCM?

(Understand concepts)

Repository --- code repository
Workspace --- workbench (the directory for uploading and downloading code from the client)
Delta () --- save the differences between different versions. (Files and projects have different versions, and different versions have different changes for saving.) -- understand the concept.
Baseline --- baseline(Head)
Branch --- Branch (copy two projects to develop different functions or make bug changes)
Label ---Tag(TAG)

Developed by some international companiesYour ownVersion Control and code management tools are more automated and can be updated by yourself to implement powerful functions such as testing code and discovering bugs. However, they are generally not open-source private tools. For example, Microsoft's operating system team version control tool.

Who are using SCM?

Project Manager ----- (Project Manager)
Software Engineer ----- (developer)
QA manager ----- (test Manager)
QA Engineer ----- (tester)
Build and release engineer ------ (build manager)

Which of the following tools does SCM currently use?

VSS (Microsoft)

--------------- Split line -----------------------

I wrote this article to thoroughly understand why the version control tool is generated, its history, and how SVN is developed to the present stage.

ArticleI made a conceptual explanation and did not go to the project to analyze every sentence. I just want to quickly understand some concepts. (If you have a conceptual syndrome, bypass it, or take a look at the next article)

Next, I will summarize the operations of Svn in windows and the operations of Svn in eclipse (from the programmer's perspective)

SVN operations in Windows:

Basic operations for using SVN in Eclipse:

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