Sogou Browser Interface How to customize settings?

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Sogou Browser is a lot of computer users are in the use of browsers, this browser provides users with a very many personalized settings, for example, Sogou browser interface can be based on the user's use of the habit of display and layout. So, Sogou browser's interface How to customize it? I believe many computer users also want to know the answer to this question, below together to understand it!

Sogou Browser

At present, Sogou browser interface defaults will display avatar Login box, menu bar, search bar, Favorites bar, extension bar, sidebar and status bar, in fact, these elements are customizable, Sogou browser also supports the address bar, search bar, menu bar and other elements of the free layout.

Right-click at the top of the browser to bring up the Layout Manager shortcut menu, you can display or hide the Avatar login box, menu bar, search bar, Favorites bar, extension bar, sidebar and status bar flexibly.

If you want to customize the browser interface, click Layout Manager. In the layout manager, you can adjust the display position of each toolbar by dragging and dragging.

If you want to return to the initial state, click "Restore Default Page".

Layout Manager

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