Sogou Input 2015 Press Ctrl+space unable to switch between Chinese and English

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Sogou input 2015 by Ctrl+space cannot be between Chinese and English can not switch between the reasons:

Finally found that small series by Ctrl+space can not switch between Chinese and English reason: small knitting on the computer input method only Sogou Pinyin input method, there is no English input method, of course, can not be normal in English and Chinese switch. Believe that many netizens have encountered similar problems, because their own input method settings did not add English input method. The solution is simple: Load the English input method in the input method settings. If you still do not understand the words, look at the specific operation of the following small series.

Sogou input 2015 by Ctrl+space unable to switch between Chinese and English solution:

The first step: left click on the computer desktop on the lower right corner of the input method icon to confirm whether to add the English input method, if not, press the following operation.

The second step: Right key computer desktop keyboard input icon, click "Settings", open the text service and Input Language dialog box. Click "Add".

In the Add Input Language dialog box, in the input language, select English (United States), keyboard layout/IME, select American Keyboard, click OK.

When you have finished the above, click "Apply" in the "Text services and Input Language" dialog box to save the added English input method. After the above operation, try to see if your computer has resumed the "Ctrl+space between Chinese and English".

Supplementary note: As long as the new input method is guaranteed to be the English input method, in the "Add Input Language" dialog box "input language" and "keyboard layout/Input Method" These two can be combined freely. If you are not very understanding of other English input method settings, you can refer to the operation of the small series above. If you have any questions in software application and computer operation, you can refer to the tutorial of the software station, or go to the question of how special you know!

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