Sogou Input method has a more convenient way to enter the Chinese number or date?

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Sogou Input Method has a more convenient way to enter the Chinese number or date?

In the daily use of input method, we often encounter the need to enter the Chinese number or date of the scene, such as filling in the electronic version of the bill, official reports. So, small knitting here to tell you, using Sogou Input method of V mode can make you more convenient to enter Chinese numbers or dates.

1. What is V Mode: v mode is a combination of conversion and computing functions. Because the double spell occupies the V key, the double spell needs to press SHIFT+V to enter v mode.

2. How to open V mode: Right key Input Method status bar-set properties-advanced-Other features, the V-mode option to check, apply, OK.

3. How to use V mode:

A. Digital conversion

Input v+ integer numbers, such as v123, sogou Pinyin Input method will convert these numbers to Chinese case number.

In particular, if you enter an integer number within 99, you will also get the corresponding Roman numerals, such as V12 's C option:

Enter v+ decimal digits, such as v34.56, to get the corresponding case amount:

B. Date conversion

Enter v+ date, such as v2012.1.1, sogou Pinyin Input method will convert simple digital date to date format:

Of course, you can also make the fast entry of the date pinyin:

C. Calculation of formula

The input v+ formula will get the corresponding formula result and the whole formula candidate. For example:

As a result, you will not have to open your calculator until you have a simple calculation. Any place can be entered can be used sogou Pinyin input method to help you calculate.

D. Function calculation

In addition to + 、-、 *,/operation, sogou Pinyin Input method can also do some more complex operations, such as:

At present, Sogou Pinyin Input Method v mode support Operations/functions are:

E. Special symbols Quick entry v1-v9

Just type in the V1-V9 to select the special characters you want, like typing. V1-V9 represents the special symbol shortcut entry is:

V1 punctuation Mark

V2 Numeric serial number

V3 Mathematics Unit

V4 Japanese Hiragana

V5 Japanese Katakana

V6 Greek/Latin

V7 Russian Alphabet

V8 Pinyin/phonetic notation

V9 Tab

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