Sogou Input Method How to use double spell?

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Have you ever used Sogou double spell typing? How can you quickly type a pair of dogs? Interested users can take a look at the following guide, and look at the following examples.

Ni hao, ni xian zai zai na, wo Zhao ni you shi? Wo yao Gao su ni ge Hao XI

Hello, where are you now, I find you something? I'm going to tell you a good one.

Xi,wo Xue Hui shuang da le,cong ci wo ye bu ru da zi Gao Shou de hang lie

, I learned to play doubles, since then I also entered the ranks of the master of typing

Le!!! Ye

The!!! Yes

--------------------------------------------------witness the miracle of the moment come, take a good look at it!

The use of doubles is as follows:

Ni Hk, Ni Xm Zl Zl na? Wo Vk ni yb ui, wo yk gk su ni ge hk XC XI, WO xt HV

Hello, where are you now? I've got something for you, I'll tell you the good news, I'll learn

UD da le, cs ci wo ye bu ru da zi gk ub de hh LX le!!! Ye

Doubles, since then I also entered the ranks of the master of typing!!! Yes

The road of the double doubles:

Road bis: Choice of options I seriously recommend the "Natural Code"

I recommend beginners to learn "natural Code" program, the scheme is not too big difference, take anyone can. But when it comes to popularity, "natural code" than the small Crane double spell, Microsoft Pinyin 2003, intelligent ABC, pinyin, purple and other schemes strong not a little bit

Pure double spell meaningless, preferably with auxiliary code.

I think that the use of double spelling is not very easy to get used to, if no use of the whole fight well, there is a problem is to think of the finals, and not like the whole fight straight out, but also to think of the shape code, you want to, a word to want to the finals, but also want to shape, this does give the entry caused a relatively high threshold.

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