Sogou Mobile Browser How to set into a computer browsing mode

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Sogou Mobile Browser How to set into a computer browsing mode? Sogou Mobile Browser is a mobile browser to make the Internet easier, more fluent Web pages to read the phone. Use a mobile browser to see some of the Web site is particularly inconvenient, the picture can not see, the location and the page version of the inconsistency. This is the mobile phone is the default mode of browsing, but in the mobile phone mode, many of our website features may not be used, as long as the need to adjust to computer mode can be resolved. Below, a small set up to teach US Sogou mobile phone browser How to setup into a computer browsing mode, hoping to help the need for friends.

  Sogou Mobile Browser How to set into a computer browsing mode

Download install Sogou Browser

After entering the main interface of the mobile browser, click on the bottom right side of the three-bar button.

After clicking, there will be an interface, which includes many options, where the gear shape on the lower left is the setting option that we need, we click into the specific settings.

Into the settings, you can complete the account registration login, the small part of this will not be introduced, we have been stretching downward.

At the bottom of the list there is an option called the browser ID, which we choose to enter into the specific settings, which is what we need.

The browser ID is originally in the default location and we need to select the computer option.

After the selection, the return, if we see this time the browser marked the location of the computer words, indicating that we have been set up successfully.

At this time we arbitrarily enter a website, we will find that the site display form and we use the computer to enter the page exactly the same, and no longer we have shown before the mobile phone touch screen mode.

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