Sogou search Engine--personal evaluation

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First, from the user's point of view

1, Sogou Search interface is very simple and convenient, no messy things, remind users to search the logo is very eye-catching, so that the user's visual effect is more comfortable.

2, Sogou Search analysis and understanding of the user's potential query intentions, the different search results are categorized, the same search results are clustered, guide users more quickly and accurately locate their concerns. Includes web search, music Search, image search, news search, and other services to help users quickly find the search results they need.

3, Sogou Search Advanced Search interface is also based on the needs of users of a more detailed division, more accurate locking of the user's search scope, increase the accuracy of user search content.

Second, to remember the user's choice from beginning to end

1, Sogou Search in a personalized settings interface. In this interface, you can set the number of search results display and the way the search results open, as long as the settings are saved, in the user's subsequent search, the search engine will remember the user's choice.

2, Sogou Search has set the homepage, replace the skin, as well as the login user's function, these Sogou search will remember the user's choice.

III. Benefits of short-term stimulation and long-term use

1, Sogou Search topic classification is clear, simple and convenient query. Simple query statement;

2, the information coverage is very wide as long as the input keyword, you can appear all the information you want, long-term use will feel very convenient, and search information can meet the needs of users.

Four, do not allow users to make simple mistakes

1, Sogou search has "search Tips", when the user input a query word is, Sogou engine understanding the user's intentions, to the user multiple search tips, if the user is not too clear their query content, Sogou Search can guide users to quickly and accurately locate their own content.

2, if the user's phonetic spelling of a word, it will also be based on the user's intention to display the correct content

Sogou search Engine--personal evaluation

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