Sohu lawyers sent a letter about Google Dictionary upgrade

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Google responded by requesting to stop the download service or file a lawsuit, saying it had taken action at the legal level.
Google infringement is becoming increasingly popular. Yesterday, Zhang Chaoyang, chairman and CEO of Sohu Board of Directors, said in an interview with our reporter that Sohu has sent a lawyer's letter requesting Google to stop infringing on Sohu's intellectual property rights and to stop downloading the input method, otherwise, a formal lawsuit will be filed. In this regard, a senior executive of Google said that Sohu's accusation is "logical and absurd", and Google cannot stop providing services for its input method products, it is even more likely to acknowledge the alleged "plagiarism of ideas and intellectual property rights.
"Google is not just a word dictionary"
Yesterday, Zhang Chaoyang told reporters that he was preparing to fight with Google, he also revealed that Google had been officially asked by lawyers to "stop infringing on Sohu's intellectual property rights" and "stop downloading the input method" because "this is not just a simple dictionary copy, it is a copy of ideas and intellectual property rights ".
Zhang Chaoyang said that Sogou's input method was not just a dictionary, but the idea and idea of "using search engines to analyze users' habits and provide dynamic databases for input methods.
This idea, called by Zhang Chaoyang, "breakthroughs in AI" and "improving the Internet discourse power of the Chinese nation", is regarded by Sohu as an intellectual property right. Prior to this, the company has also applied for a patent from the national patent office and other relevant institutions, and is currently in the public notice stage.
Google's attitude is getting tough
Google, which had already apologized twice, changed its attitude yesterday. A top executive of Google said that Sohu's criticism is "The logic is ridiculous", making Google "incomprehensible ". It is impossible for Google to stop providing services for its input-Method Products, and it is even more likely to acknowledge the alleged "plagiarism of creativity and intellectual property rights.
"Google has always believed that 'do not do evil 'in the world, and there has never been any change from the beginning to the end ." The person said, "the evil and wrong are not the same. No one or any company can never make mistakes. The most basic logic of human beings is to make mistakes, admit mistakes, and take the initiative to bear the consequences. In terms of the input method, Google has taken the initiative to take responsibility through two apologies and upgrades since it realized that there was a mistake in its work.
But Google has no reason to cater to the ridiculous logic of some people. If we do something wrong, we should correct and take responsibility for it. However, if we do not do anything wrong, we will never seek perfection. We will face this matter very calmly, and relevant departments of the company are preparing for legal actions. "
Evidence required for infringement?
"Zhang Chaoyang's logic is that Sohu can use its own search engine to produce databases for other applications, but other companies won't. If it does, it will be infringement ." "If this logic is true, Google should also file a lawsuit against all search engine service providers around the world, because it is back to the technical level, everyone is copying Google's ideas." In the history of the IT industry, similar events are not without precedent. Apple, the first to invent the mouse, once accused Microsoft of "stealing its own ideas" and defending against Microsoft. After countless long cases, the system eventually received support from the judges and received huge compensation.

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