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Solaris is a computer operating system developed by Sun Microsystems. It is considered to be one of the derivative versions of UNIX operating systems. Currently, Solaris is a hybrid open-source software. In June 14, 2005, Sun opened the source code of Solaris 11 under development with the cddl license. This open version is opensolaris.
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QNX®Neutrino®A real-time operating system is a fully functional and stable operating system. Its modules can be flexibly increased or decreased to meet the limited requirements of real-time embedded system resources. Its true microkernel design and modular architecture can help customers create highly optimized and ultra-reliable systems at extremely low costs. It is the only operating system that has been tested in the embedded field to support porting from single-core to multi-core processing systems.
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OpenVMS is an operating system developed by Digital Equipment Corporation for its VAX and Alpha computers. The OpenVMS operating system evolved from the VMS system, and VMS was the early operating system of the VAX computer. VMS extends the concept of virtual memory. Dec was acquired by Compaq and then sold to HP.

OpenVMS is a VMS-based multi-task multi-processor operating system. When you decide to port the VMS system to the Alpha computer, change the VMS system name to OpenVMS. "Open" indicates that the system starts to support the POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface) standard defined UNIX interface. Programs written according to POSIX standards can be introduced by any computer platform that supports POSIX standards. Currently, the OpenVMS operating system supports 64-bit instruction sets. You can use special software to operate OpenVMS, which is similar to the Windows Server Operating System OpenVMS. You can customize different logon permissions for different users. You can design your own logon environment, you can set up a complete set of operating environments that suit your habits as long as you want.
The original Article of OpenBSD originated in Canada. Because theo de raadt was not consistent with other developers During NetBSD development, it opened OpenBSD with indignation. The OpenBSD project is designed to create a free multi-platform Unix-like Operating System Based on 4.4bsd lite, emphasizing portability, standardization, accuracy, production security, and a complete password system. The initial OpenBSD was based on the NetBSD source code, but now OpenBSD is one of the three major 4.4bsd lite derivative operating systems independent of NetBSD. Original article link FreeBSDIt is a free UNIX-like operating system, derived from at&t UNIX through bsd unix. FreeBSD cannot be called UNIX for legal reasons, however, because it is directly derived from bsd unix, and some original bsd unix developers are later transferred to FreeBSD development, FreeBSD has great compatibility with Unix in the internal structure and system API. Due to FreeBSD's loose legal terms, its code has been referenced by many other systems, including Apple's MacOS X. Therefore, due to the Unix compatibility of MacOS X, Mac OS X has been certified as a Unix trademark. [1] FreeBSDSupports x86, amd64 (x86_64), arm, IA-64, PowerPC, PC-98, and so on (different versions support different) (for details, see the official documentation ). Advanced Interactive executive is a UNIX-like operating system developed by IBM Based on at&t UNIX System V. It runs on a proprietary minicomputer hardware system designed by IBM power chips. It complies with the Open Group UNIX 98 industry standard (the Open Group UNIX 98 base brand) and fully integrates the parallel operation support for 32-bit and 64-bit applications, it provides comprehensive scalability for these applications. It can be used in all IBM ~ Run on pseries and ibm rs/6000 workstations, servers, and large parallel supercomputers.
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