Solid-state hard disk SATA and msata differential contrast

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What's the difference between SSD and msata?

What is the difference between a solid-state hard drive sata and a msata, I want to add a solid-state drive to my notebook, but when I choose a solid-state drive, I see a SATA-interface SSD and a mSATA SSD, and I don't know how to choose

1.8-inch SATA, that is, Microsata (unofficial abbreviation mSATA), there are SSD and HDD. 1.8-inch smaller Minipcie card size SATA is mSATA, currently only SSD, no HDD.

mSATA most of the use of extreme, extremely limited by the size of the volume, mSATA products are the only way to adapt to the super environment of storage hard disk, large capacity, small size, strong performance, from any angle will be super this preferred and the only choice of media.

The mSATA interface is a mini version of the standard SATA, which transmits signals via the mini PCI-E interface, which supports 1.5Gbps, 3Gbps, 6Gbps three modes.

So if you want to upgrade your notebook to a solid-state drive, you need to see what the hard disk interface is on the motherboard of your notebook, most ordinary notebooks do not have mSATA interface, only SATA interface, part of dual hard disk notebook, with SATA interface and mSATA interface.

Notebook computer mSATA Solid state hard Disk interface diagram

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