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The MySQL test is used here.

1, first build a table in MySQL: solr_test

2. Insert several test data:

3, use Notepad to play solrconfig.xml files, in the Solrhome folder. E:\solrhome\mycore\conf\solrconfig.xml

(Solrhome folder is what, see: http://www.cnblogs.com/HD/p/3977799.html)

Join this node:

 <RequestHandlername= "/dataimport"class= "Org.apache.solr.handler.dataimport.DataImportHandler">        <LSTname= "Defaults">            <Strname= "config">Data-config.xml</Str>        </LST></RequestHandler>

4, create a new Data-config.xml file, and solrconfig.xml the same directory. Content is

<Dataconfig>    <DataSourcetype= "Jdbcdatasource"Driver= "Com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"URL= "Jdbc:mysql://localhost/test"User= "root"Password= "root" />    <Document>        <Entityname= "Solr_test"Transformer= "Dateformattransformer"Query= "SELECT id, subject, content, last_update_time from solr_test WHERE ID >= ${dataimporter.request.id}">            <Fieldcolumn= ' Last_update_time 'DateTimeFormat= ' Yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss ' />        </Entity>    </Document></Dataconfig>

Note: A ${dataimporter.request.id} is used here, which is the parameter, which is used when the data is imported, and the datum is read by this condition.

5. Copy extracted SOLR jar packages Solr-dataimporthandler-4.10.0.jar and Solr-dataimporthandler-extras-4.10.0.jar to Tomcat SOLR WebApp in the Web-inf\lib directory.

Of course, it also includes the JDBC jar package for MySQL: Mysql-connector-java-5.1.7-bin.jar

(Another way is to add the Lib node to the Solrconfig.xml and then put the jar package under solrhome so that the jar package is not added to the Web-inf\lib)

6, open schema.xml with Notepad, in the Solrhome folder (with the 3rd). The contents are:

<?XML version= "1.0"?><Schemaname= "My Core"version= "1.1">    <FieldTypename= "string"class= "SOLR." Strfield "Sortmissinglast= "true"omitnorms= "true"/>    <FieldTypename= "Long"class= "SOLR." Trielongfield "Precisionstep= "0"Positionincrementgap= "0"/>    <FieldTypename= "Date"class= "SOLR." Triedatefield "Precisionstep= "0"Positionincrementgap= "0"/>    <FieldTypename= "TEXT_CN"class= "SOLR." TextField ">        <Analyzertype= "Index"class= "Org.wltea.analyzer.lucene.IKAnalyzer" />        <Analyzertype= "Query"class= "Org.wltea.analyzer.lucene.IKAnalyzer" />    </FieldType>        <!-- General -    <Fieldname= "id"type= "string"indexed= "true"stored= "true"multivalued= "false"Required= "true"/>    <Fieldname= "Subject"type= "TEXT_CN"indexed= "true"stored= "true" />    <Fieldname= "Content"type= "TEXT_CN"indexed= "true"stored= "true" />    <Fieldname= "Last_update_time"type= "Date"indexed= "true"stored= "true" />    <Fieldname= "_version_"type= "Long"indexed= "true"stored= "true"/>     <!--field to determine and enforce document uniqueness. -     <UniqueKey>Id</UniqueKey>     <!--field for the Queryparser-use if an explicit fieldname is absent -     <Defaultsearchfield>Subject</Defaultsearchfield>     <!--solrqueryparser configuration:defaultoperator= "And|or" -     <SolrqueryparserDefaultoperator= "OR"/></Schema>

7. Open the SOLR Web:


Custom parameters fills in the id=1, which is the parameter set in the 4th.

The clean option refers to whether to delete data that does not match. That is, not in the database select result, but the SOLR Index library exists, then delete.

You can also use this address to access directly:

Http://localhost:8899/solr/mycore/dataimport?command=full-import&clean=true&commit=true  &wt=json&indent=true&entity=solr_test&verbose=false&optimize=false  &debug=false&id=1        

The result will be returned:

After the configuration, we only need to use this URL address, you can not segment to import data to index. (as simple as this)

8. Test query:

Of course, DataImport can add parameter commands and let them reload Data-config.xml


[SOLR]-database Import

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