SOLR Multi-Criteria Query (iii)

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1. Yesterday I recorded the condition of "and" "and" (&& &&) of three conditions, again today to remember "and" "or".

Here or the situation, be sure to find out. No matter how many situations, as long as "or" appears, his level and the first input box level is the same, if we put the query conditional statement level,

The first input box is solrsql (main query statement);

The second input box is solrFQ1 (sub-query statement 1);

The third input box is solrFQ2 (sub-query statement 2);

Level:solrsql > SolrFQ1 > SolrFQ2

So the level is clear, convenient for us to splice SOLR query statements,

OK, straight to the next step. The above mentioned as long as there is or we can understand: solrsql= SOLRFQL2>SLORSQL1.

Of course, some business needs are different, may be solrsql>solrfq1=solrfq2, this demand for the results of the situation solrsql, find out and solrFQ1 or solrFQ2 situation,

Specific query code (to illustrate):

SOLRSQL:X_1457955996315_TM: "Test" + X_1457955996315_tm: "disc" + X_1457955996316_TM: "Test" + X_1457955996316_tm: "Disc"

SOLRFQ:X_1457955996315_TM: "Completed" + X_1457955996316_TM: "Completed"


2. And does not contain the situation

Rating:solrsql = solrFQ1 ! = solrFQ2

Specific query code (to illustrate):

SOLRSQL:X_1457955996315_TM: "Test" + X_1457955996316_tm: "Test"

SOLRFQ:X_1457955996315_TM: "Completed" + X_1457955996316_TM: "Completed" not X_1457955996315_TM: "disc" not X_1457955996316_TM: "Disc"


I do not know that everyone has found that the above situation except and-and-and the situation of other situations basically do not use solrFQ2, is basically in solrsq and solrFQ1 processing.

And so on, class four, level five ... N-level screening scenarios.

SOLR Multi-Criteria Query (iii)

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