SOLR Plugin Development

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When working with input text, you need to convert a short connection such as Http:// to a real connection LUCENE.APACHE.ORG/SOLR

1, realize Tokenfilter

package com.url.plugin;import org.apache.lucene.analysis.tokenfilter;import  org.apache.lucene.analysis.tokenstream;import  org.apache.lucene.analysis.tokenattributes.chartermattribute;import;import  java.util.regex.pattern;public class resolveurltokenfilter extends tokenfilter {     private final chartermattribute chartermattribute=addattribute ( Chartermattribute.class);    private final pattern  Patterntomatchshortenedurls;    public resolveurltokenfilter (TokenStream input,  pattern patterntomatchshortenedurls)  {        super ( Input);        this.patterntomatchshortenedurls =  patterntomatchshortenedurls;    }     @Override      Public boolean incremenTtoken ()  throws IOException {        if  (! Input.incrementtoken ())             return  False;        //chartermattribute will save read char         char[] term=chartermattribute.buffer ();         int len=term.length;        //Structuring Strings          string token=new string (Term,0,len);         //match token for the scene we need to refactor         if ( Patterntomatchshortenedurls.matcher (token). Matches ()) {             chartermattribute.setempty (). Append (Resolveurltoken (token));         }        return true;    }    private string  Resolveurltoken (String token)  {        //TODO  Handle token        try {       according to actual demand       if  ("Http://". Equals (token))  {                 return  " SOLR ";            } else if  (" http :// ". Equals (token))  {                 return  "";             }        } catch  (EXCEPTION EXC)  {       &nbsP;     // rather than failing analysis if you can ' t resolve the url,            //  you should log the error and return the un-resolved value             exc.printstacktrace ();         }        return token;     }}

2, Implementing Tokenfilterfactory

package com.url.plugin;import org.apache.lucene.analysis.tokenfilter;import  Org.apache.lucene.analysis.tokenstream;import org.apache.lucene.analysis.util.tokenfilterfactory;import;import java.util.regex.pattern;public class resolveurltokenfilterfactory  extends TokenFilterFactory {    private Pattern  Patterntomatchshortenedurls;    public resolveurltokenfilterfactory (Map<String,  string> args)  {        super (args);         assurematchversion ();         // Gets the regular expression information from the configuration file information read by SOLR         string shortenedurls=require (args , "Shortenedurlpattern");         patterntomatchshortenedurls= Pattern.compile (shortenedurls);     }     @Override     public tokenfilter create (Tokenstream tokenstream)  {        //creating Resolveurltokenfilter Instance Objects          return new resolveurltokenfilter (Tokenstream,patterntomatchshortenedurls);     }}

3, make it into a jar package

4, add the following in the SOLR schema file

5, create the plugin folder under the SOLR root directory (location with the Dist,contrib file) and place the 3 generated jar into it

6, add in Solrconfg.xml

<lib dir= ". /.. /.. /plugins/"regex=". *\.jar "/>

7,java-jar Start.jar

SOLR Plugin Development

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