SOLR search operator (reprinted)

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1. ":" specifies the field to query the specified value. For example, all values are returned *:*
2. "?" Wildcard for any character
3. "*" indicates the wildcard of Multiple Arbitrary characters (cannot be used in the retrieved item * or? Symbol)
4. "~" Indicates fuzzy search. For example, if the search spelling is similar to "Roam", write it as roam ~ The words like foam and roams are found. roam ~ 0.8. records with a returned similarity of more than 0.8 are retrieved.
5. Nearby search, for example, search for "Apache", "Jakarta", and "Jakarta Apache "~ 10
6. "^" controls relevance retrieval. For example, if you want to retrieve Jakarta Apache and make "Jakarta" more relevant, add the "^" symbol and increment value after it, that is, Jakarta ^ 4 Apache
7. boolean operators and, |
8. boolean operators or ,&&

9. boolean operators not ,! ,-(The exclusion operator cannot be used together with items to form a query)
10. The "+" operator must exist. The item after the symbol "+" must exist in the corresponding domain of the document.
11. () is used to form a subquery
12. [] include range search, such as searching records in a certain period of time, including headers and tails, Date: [200707 to 200710]
13. {} does not contain range searches. For example, a record in a certain period of time does not contain the header and tail.
Date: {200707 to 200710}
14./escape operator. special characters include +-& |! () {} [] ^ "~ *? :/

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