Solution for failure of IIS to call FSO due to NAV

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When you browse the ASP page that calls FileSystemObject,

The request to the page is in the stopped status and eventually causes the page to time out in the browser.


This problem is caused by the script blocking of the Norton Antivirus software.

The function blocks access to the file system by a script, for example, FileSystemObject.

This problem is not only applied in ASP NetworkProgramIt also occurs in other technologies, such

Windows Script.

Note: This problem occurs even when Norton anitvirus is disabled.


To solve this problem, contact the Norton Antivirus Software Support Center.

The following Symantec website describes how to use the script blocking function.

Http:// OpenDocument

(One row)

Note: you may need to restart the server after changing the Norton Antivirus software mentioned above.


How to disable script blocking in Norton Antivirus 2001


You want to disable Norton Antivirus script Blocking


To disable Norton Antivirus 2001 script blocking:

1. Start Norton Antivirus.

2. Click option. If the menu appears when you click option, click Norton antirus.

The Norton Antivirus option menu appears.

3. Click script blocking.

4. Cancel the selection of "Enable script blocking (recommended.

5. Click OK.

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