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This article is from: the problem of no sound and choppy pictures in Ubuntu8.04, Ubuntu8.10, and Ubuntu9.04 by idea (including RealPlayer10 and RealPlayer11), as well as the solution for making RealPlayer sound and smooth pictures. R

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Note: This article mainly introduces the problem that the RealPlayer series (including RealPlayer10 and RealPlayer11) have no sound and the picture is very stuck in Ubuntu 8.04, Ubuntu 8.10, and Ubuntu 9.04, and a solution for making RealPlayer sound and smooth pictures.

RealPlayer has no sound in Ubuntu and the picture is not smooth. It is an old problem. Even though it is an old problem, it took me several days to complete it, because I am a newbie. I believe that Ubuntu is a tough task. Sometimes it takes a long time to play one or two videos. If you have a lot of time to waste, it is a good choice to toss Ubuntu.

1. Install RealPlayer

Needless to say.

You may say that the RealPlayer in Ubuntu is useless at all. Yes, I admit it, but sometimes you have to install RealPlayer. For example, you want to play something about the rtsp protocol, mplayer does not support very well, but RealPlayer is born with such a function.

In any case, since you have chosen to install RealPlayer, it is of course necessary to make it work well.

When you find that RealPlayer has no sound and the video stops, perform the following steps:

2,Install alsa oss driver

This is required.

You can enter the following installation methods on the terminal:Sudo apt-get install alsa-oss, Press Enter.

You can also searchAlsa-ossRight-click and mark the installation (do not forget to create a new one when you are not familiar with terminal operations):

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